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The Internet: My Reflection
I used to live on this website in around 2010-2012. Thought I'd share the nostalgia of being a kid on this site. In other words, I'm bored and felt like writing.
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R.B.R Help Center!
Do you have a hater??? well then tell me!! I would be glad to help you!!
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R.B.Rs please read!!!!
I made some new Hater fighting rules!!!! please read it will be very usefull!
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R.B.R part 2
And i thought the ruff days were done that i marked my other story completed well heres part two the fight between lesbian girl and iampretty
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My Hogwarts Life
I am a orphan living with my step mom and two step sisters when somthing extrordanary happend "im a a wizard" i thought in amazment.
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i could put R.B.R in a short story but this is what truly happend i know u fellow pplz wanna know so here it is THE STORY OF THE BBBBFFFFAAAEEES !!!! LLAMA LLLAMA LLLAMAA
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