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how to recover from death?
In september, someone really close to me and the colorguard passed (michelle) away from ovarian cancer. to this day, i still partially blame myself for some reason, because earlier that day when she was admitted to the hospital...
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What is your aesthetic?
Pretty self explanatory?
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Relationship Help (Read Description)
My girlfriend (who I love very much) used to be my friend from Kindergarten, and her mom liked me and we were all gr8. When I came out as pan to her, she came out to me as bi, and I told her that I had feelings for her. She had...
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What State Do You Live In? (USA)
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What Would You Like To Say To Qfeast Team?
Is Qfeast your favorite, or is Qfeast's censorship pissing you off? Comment here what YOU THINK Qfeast should know!
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Is anyone actually a moderator with the new "Point System"?
I'm wondering if anybody is ACTUALLY one of these "mods"...
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What Horrible Dress Code Rules Do You Have at School?
Dress code sucks. What does your school do?
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Big question Undertale plz help omg
Major Spoilers for Genocide Only answer if you dare So I did genocide and killed Sans, Asgore, and Flowey, and I "destroyed the world" for Chara. Now it's just a black screen when I reopen the game Why is this And how do I fix ...
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How do you pronounce Alphys?
A lot of people say it differently- so I'm going to collect how many for each pronounciation so I can finally end the start of Internet War 86
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What did you name the Fallen Human in Undertale?
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Who Else Thinks this is Weird?
Okay, so when I'm at school, I cannot go on QFeast because of the firewall, but it is very easy to get onto PORN SITES. I saw some boy watching porn in band class on his phone, on a site called (DO NOT GO TO THAT SI...
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Did Anyone Else Notice This?
I've been playing Pokemon X, and I've already defeated the Elite Four, Champion, I've done everything. So, I stopped by the daycare center, and I bred a Ditto and a Raichu, and of course, got a Pichu. So I continued, to switch ...
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Don't Siblings Stink?
My sister does, she uploaded a picture of a BUTT on QFeast. I'm actually yelling at her right now. GOD. HELP. PEOPLE. WITH. SIBLINGS.
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Can Someone Explain The Flareon False Prophet?
I hear a lot about online, but it doesn't make any sense, can anyone explain why Flareon is a false prophet?
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If You Were a Pokemon, What would you be?
I would obviously be a Pikachu, silly, sweet, stubborn, and loves friends, and ketchup.
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What is Your Favorite Pokemon? (1)
I love Pikachu, that goes without question.
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Does Anyone Else Have A Secret Crush on James from Team Rocket?
I think he's really cute and sweet...
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