When will you have your first/next kiss?

When will you have your first/next kiss?

If you've already had your first kiss find out when you will have your next one. And if you haven't when will you...

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Do you have a bf/gf

No but I recently got asked out
I'm a little young but hopefully in a little while
I used to

Where do you want to be kissed

On the couch watching tv
On a beach
A kiss goodbye from a date
At a park
At a restaurant
Never I don't want to be kissed

Are you straight,gay,leisban, or bi

I don't know

Have you ever been kissed

Not yet but I have a bf/gf
When I was a little kid but it doesn't count
I wish
That would never happen in 1m years

Would you date a friend

None of my friends are hot but a feature

Your best friend kisses you what do you do

Let them but don't encourage it
Pull away after a second
Yay kiss them as well
Pull away before they can start
Let them and then tell them you can only be friends

Can you commit to a relationship

Yes I'm already in one
No but I'm sadly in one
Maybe if I try hard enough
I wish I could but no
Not right now I have a lot on my plate
Yes I could

If you were asked out right now what would you say

Sorry no
I have a gf/bf (I do)
I have a bf/gf (I don't)
Sure I'd love to
Let me check my calendar. Sure
(Im a little young)
Maybe in a little while

Does anyone have a chrush on you

Like the whole school
I think I few people do
I don't think so I'm ugly
I have a lot of friends that are people I would date
Maybe one person

I can't write Normal by

Finally it's over
Just tell me when I will be kissed
Have a good afternoon

I lied its not over

Dang it
I really want to know
What ever
Actual goodbye
You just wasted 2 minutes of my life