Which hair color fits your personality? (1)

Which hair color fits your personality? (1)

This is NOT a quiz about me trying to guess your hair color! I am simply saying which hair color fits your personality. Also, this quiz won't contain any stereotypes about blondes, so don't worry!

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In your group of friends, what is your main "role"?

I'm the loyal one
I'm the comic relief
I am the responsible one
The adventurer!
I am the completely wild and random one

If you saw a little boy getting bullied, what would you do?

Help the boy
Quickly get my friends to help me deal with it
Tell a teacher
Start a fight with the bully
Go up to the bully and lecture him/her

Which pet would you rather have?


What's your style?

Comfy, sensible
T-shirts and leggings
Mature, sophisticated, put-together
Khaki, vests, baseball caps, sneakers
Colorful, unique, random

Where would you like to live?

The countryside
A beach house
In the city
In the woods
On an island

Describe your social life.

I have my circle of friends. I'm not popular.
I have a few friends. I'm a bit popular.
I have my circle of friends. I'm kind of popular.
I have a bunch of friends. I'm popular.
I have a lot of friends. I'm really popular.

Where would you LOVE to go on vacation?

The mountains

Which hairstyle would you like to have?

A bob
Long and curly
Pixie cut

Which simile describes you best?

Solid as a rock
Cute as a button
Quiet as a mouse
Strong as an ox
Brave as a lion

When you go to the beach, what do you spend your time doing?

Swimming, of course
Playing with my friends/siblings
Hunting for seashells
Trying to jump over the waves and occasionally getting sucked underwater