Are You Popular, Nerdy, or, Normal?

A quiz that shows the rate you are at school. May be inncorect, you may not be able to awnswer the questions, but awnswer truth fully!

published on February 26, 201818 responses 1 5.0★ / 5

How many friends do you have?

Um like, lots, the whole school praticly knows, or heard of me!
Average amount.
One or Two.

What cloes do you wear?

Rhe brand Pink, Victoria’s Secret, stuff like that.
Walmart, JCPennys, and EBay cloes.
My mom makes my cloes!

What do you say when your scared

Gorrgle Smorfhs!

Do you have a phone?

Yes do you want me to add your contact info? Never mind!
I have a calculator instead!

Are you good looking?

Duh, of course i am!
It doesn’t matter! I got pimples and glasses and carry pens in my pocket!