Who is your warrior cat? (1)

Who is your warrior cat? (1)

This isca quiz to find out which warrior cat that you are.warriors is a book series by Erin hunter.

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What do you think about herbs?

Ugh so nasty!
I love them
I'm a medicine cat what do you think?
They're okay....
Ummm no...

You see a kit from another clan.... What do you do??

You kill it!!
You see if it is sick or has any injuries
You ask what clan it comes from and if it doesn't answer you take it back to your clan to the leader.
You see if it has any other kits of clanmates around
Make it talk!

There is a kittypet on your territory you.....

Kill it
Let it go
Give it some scars it won't forget
I don't know
Ask it why it's here
Tell it to go back to their clan

What color pelt?

Ginger tabby

You have a mate from another clan you .....

See them every night but act like nothing of going on
Ew a mate? Never!!
I'm loyal to my clan! No way!
Ummmm? I'm a medicine cat
I already like someone from my clan
I don't want a mate

Are you....

Good with herbs
Smart and sly

Are you a