Olympus Heroine's Tale WWFFY -- Part 1

Olympus Heroine's Tale WWFFY -- Part 1

Girls only! Sorry guys. I've seen a few other people make WWFFYs (Who Would Fall For You's), so I decided to make my own! This is a Percy Jackson WWFFY. It includes Percy, Jason, Leo, and Frank. Sorry for splitting your OTPs, please don't kill me!

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Once Upon a Time.... You were in a magical land full of happiness and adventure and freedom. You had a pet pegasus and no annoying siblings and could eat nothing but candy forever without getting sick.
Not really. But you wished you could live there. You were actually stuck doing homework.

Ugh. Real life sucks. Wouldn't it be cool to have powers? Like, flight or invisibility or something?
26 x-squared y b-to-the-fifth power divided by 2 x-to-the-sixth-power y b-cubed is....
Says who? If I don't want to be doing homework, I won't do homework. I want to see how long I can get by before I get
suspended or expelled or something...
Homework isn't THAT bad...

You diligently (or not so diligently) persevered through your work. You were home alone, which was great. As soon as you finished (you were so close!), you could do whatever you wanted.
BANG! Something crashes to the floor downstairs.

Probably just the cat. I'm gonna go investigate anyways; it beats homework.
*jumps to feet, knocking over chair* Oh my god! Someone's going to kill me! *hears a faint meow* Oh. It's the cat... That
ornery thing.
What was that? I guess I'll find out!
*jumps* What was that? I should go check it out...

You hurry downstairs. A decorative vase is shattered on the floor, and your cat is grooming itself on the shelf where it used to be. You pick up the cat, rubbing its head. "Oh...." (What would you name your cat?)

You hurry downstairs. A decorative vase is shattered on the floor, and your cat is grooming itself on the shelf where it used to be. You pick up the cat, rubbing its head. "Oh...." (What would you name your cat?)

"Oh, C/N, you are so much trouble!" It just meows back at you.

Aww. ^.^
Is it just me, or does this meow sound different from normal?
^Totally just you. It never sounds normal!
^^Yeah, sure. But we both know what she means.

You sigh and put the cat down. You're probably just wishing for something out of the normal to make your life more exciting.
Then the door crashes down. Before you can so much as move, your cat shifts into a tall, feline-looking girl with short black hair and a sword wrapped around her waist. She unsheathes it.

*is too stunned to move for a moment* *grabs the nearest heavy object, which happens to be a lamp*
*strikes kung fu pose*
*blinks slowly, not fully taking this is* What the....

A boy with pitch black hair and silvery blue eyes steps in the doorway, holding a long blade.
"Move, Ari," he growls.
The girl blows a hair out of her face and glares, raising her sword. "No. You should go."
Instead of answering, the boy attacks. After several minutes of fighting (during which time you stay frozen, plastered against the wall), he manages to get past her defenses and stab her in the chest. Groaning, she sinks to the floor. Scarlet seeps through her clothing, and the boy pivots to face you.

Oh my god what just happened???? *glances at blood* I think I might puke...
Not. Gonna. Look. At. The. Girl. *glances at her* Oh god, that's a lot of blood. *knees weaken*
I'm not weak! I don't get freaked out by just blood! *looks at the girl* *sees the gaping, bloody wound splitting her open*
Never mind. I am going to be sick...
*sees the blood and immediately gags*

Just as the black-haired boy steps towards you, the tip of a spear pokes through his chest. He glances down at it for a split-second before the pain reaches him, and he collapses to the ground, choking on his own blood.

Oh my god... Oh my god.. Oh my god... *starts breathing super fast and passes out*
That did NOT just happen... *passes out*
Not gonna pass out. It's not any worse than the movies, right? *inadvertently glances at him again* Oh god... *passes out*
*passes out immediately*

Just before blackness consumes you, you see...

CLIFFHANGER! XD You'll have to wait. If you have anything to say about this WWFFY, please com.ment! I'd like to hear your results and what you thought about the qiuz. Thannks!

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