Would you survive the apocalypse? (1)

Would you survive the apocalypse? (1)

This quiz will determine if you will survive the apocalypse. Aliens have come and they devised a test to see how intelligent the human species is. You are the test subject. Would you pass? Or would you perish?

published on April 13, 201550 responses 8
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You are walking alone in a dark alley at night when you hear scuffling sounds. What do you do?

I run as fast as I can, even though I feel hands grabbing me.
I put my hands up and say, "What do you want?"
I freeze and try not to make a sound.

You felt hands around your neck and you pass out. When you wake up, you're in a room. In front of you, there are three objects - a knife, a map, and a small round stone. Which do you choose?

I choose the map.
I choose the knife.
I choose the stone.

As soon as you pick your object, you hear a rattling sound and you run in the direction opposite of the direction that the sound is coming from. The sound grows louder. How do you react?

I look behind me and see if I can escape the sound.
I keep running!
I lie flat on the ground. Maybe I can escape it this way.

When you make your choice, a siren sounds. The hallway seems to unfold around you. Bright lights come on. You see a table with a plate of cookies on it. What do you do?

I carefully examine the table and plate. I don't take any cookies.
I look around and investigate the cookies - I smell them and touch them.
I eagerly grab a cookie and munch on it.

You notice a door. There is a keypad that unlocks it. Taped to the keypad is a riddle. It says, "What's very large, up and up it goes, taller than trees, yet never grows?" What do you do?

I type in the word "Mountain."
Confusedly, I look around and see if I can get further clues.
I see if I can guess the word by randomly pressing numbers.

Suddenly, you are lifted up into the air and deposited on a large field. Beside you are three things - a pillow, a gun, and a bag of trail mix. Which do you choose?

The gun.
The trail mix.
The pillow.

You see an army of giant spiders in front of you. All of a sudden, they race towards you. How do you react?

I begin shooting at them with my gun (you may only choose this answer if you picked the gun option for the
previous question).
I quickly start looking for a place to hide.
I try to outrun them.

With a crackling sound, the spiders disintegrate. You notice that three things have appeared in front of you - a tree, a cave, and a rocky pit. Which do you go to?

I run to the tree.
I go to the cave.
I head for the pit.

Suddenly, a box appears in front of you with writing in a foreign language on it. What is your reaction?

I recognize the language and try to remember what I learned about reading this language.
I go a few yards away, then I throw a rock at it to see what happens.
I open the box.

All of a sudden, you are hanging from a rocky outcrop. You have no idea how you got there. Below is a pool of lava, and above there is a blade slowly creeping towards your fingers. How do you react?

I quickly swing myself up and crawl to safety.
I see if I can climb down a bit.
I hang on for dear life!

You're teleported to a large room. An alien is in front of you. Beside you are three weapons - a slingshot, a container of what looks like bacteria, and a machine gun. It's clear that you are going to have to fight the alien. Which weapon do you choose?

The machine gun.
The bacteria.
The slingshot.