What shoes are you? (girls)

What shoes are you? (girls)

This was another one of the answers with one vote on my poll I made. I'm really bored, as you can tell. This quiz will show you what shoes fit your personality! NOTE: There are 11 personality options. I started out with 8. Have fun taking it!

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Which pet would you love to spend time with?

A dog!
A bird, because they're so cute
Obviously a guinea pig...!
Definitely a horse
A bunny - they're cute and hilarious
A hamster, because they're funny
A fish - duh!
A cat! They're so soft!
A snake, obviously
A robo-dog!
I don't like pets.

Out of these, which lip gloss flavor do you use the most?

Cake batter
Apple cinnamon
I use unflavored lip balm
Seriously? Lip gloss is stupid, and only for those stuck-up popular girls. I don't use it.

What outfit are you most likely to wear?

Shorts and a t-shirt
A knee-length skirt and a gauzy shirt
A tank-top and a short skirt
Capris and a sweater
Jeans and a plaid shirt
A sundress
Leggings and a cute shirt
Sweatpants and a tank-top
Capri leggings and a workout t-shirt
Ripped jeans and a crop top
Skinny jeans, a striped shirt, and a cardigan

What is the main factor that affects you when you shop for shoes?

How earth-friendly they are
How cool they look
If all my friends are buying them, too!

What's your social status in school, on a scale of 1-11?

1- People often bully me and tease me because of how sensitive I am
2- No one really knows who I am, and I'm fine with that
3- Occasionally I'm recognized for something, but when the fame wears off, I go back to being an average kid
4- I don't care abut popularity; I just want to be myself
5- Some people think I'm boring, but I don't care
6- I'm smart, but sometimes people underestimate me
7- I've got my friends, and they have me, and that's all that matters
8- Most kids know who I am, but I wish I were higher in social status
9- I'm well-known and people often come to me for advice
10- I'm known by almost everyone, but only because I'm big and intimidating
11- Everyone knows me, and loves me, because I'm the most popular person in school

RP time!

Your birthday is coming up, and your mom says you can have any kind of party you want. What do you choose?

A trip to ski camp with my best friends!
A dance party
An expensive and wild double date with my boyfriend and I, and my BFF and their boy/girlfriend
Just a sleepover with my closest friends
A fun beach party with all my friends!
A fun day in the city, stopping at a restaurant for lunch
Just a pajama party, with my closest buds
A small tea party and picnic with my family
An awesome trip to a dance club with my circle of friends
A cool shopping trip with my friends and family
I don't want a party.

Your parents get you an awesome present, and you love it so much. What could the present be that would make you love it this much?

Tickets to a sports game
Money or a gift card
Makeup or jewelry
Just a card - its heartfelt message would mean so much to me
Fun new games to play
Adorable stuffed animals
Comfy clothes
A pet
Concert tickets
A new iPhone or laptop

Fast-forward to a few weeks later.

At school, your teacher is telling everyone about inventions, and he said that Steven Morse invented the telegraph. You know that's wrong, and that SAMUEL Morse invented the telegraph. What do you do?

Raise my hand, and say, "Excuse me - Samuel Morse invented the telegraph, not Steven Morse."
Giggle about it with my friends
After class, quietly tell him, "Excuse me, but I believe it was Samuel Morse, not Steven Morse, that invented the
Go up to him and whisper in his ear, "Sorry, but it was actually SAMUEL, not Steven."
Blurt out, "That's wrong, Mr. Johnson! It was obviously SAMUEL, not Steven! Duh!"
Burst out laughing, and yell, "Hey, every student in this class! Yo' teacher so stupid they don't know their history!
I'm an expert on technology, so I correct him, and then explain to the class other fun facts about Samuel and the
Torn between being polite and being right, I end up never alerting him of his mistake
I wouldn't have caught that mistake!
As much as it irks me, I don't tell him, because I don't want to hurt his feelings
Keep quiet - it's none of my business

Fast-forward to a few days later.

Your teacher hands back tests that have been graded, and you get an A+! What do you do?3

Excitedly tell my mom about it when I get home, and she celebrates with me
After class, compare my grade with my friends' grades
Celebrate by doing my happy dance!
Feel proud of myself
Feel happy, but go on with my day normally
Filled with relief, I can now let go of the stress I've been holding in for a week
Disappointed - now my friends will think I'm a nerd!
Nothing - it's just a grade; why does it matter?
Nothing, because getting an A+ is normal for me
Nothing - I studied, obviously, so why WOULDN'T I have gotten an A+?
Immediately post on all my social media sites, "A+ on test! #sweet"

Fast-forward to summer vacation.

Your parents say that you're going on a trip around the globe, and you get to choose the places to go! Where do you most want to visit?

Famous sports arenas
Any cool shops or stores
Duh - the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, etc! That's the whole purpose of sightseeing!
German castles, Greek temples, and Victorian houses, so I can marvel at the cool architecture and the history behind
Fun beaches and islands, so I can swim with dolphins
I want to go to celebrities' hometowns, and see if I can meet them
Places with breathtaking beauty that just makes you stop and think about how amazing the world is
Locations where famous battles took place
Interesting museums
I'm fine with wherever my parents want to go!
I don't want to go around the globe; I'm fine with staying home