What character from 'Inuyasha' are you?

What character from 'Inuyasha' are you?

DISCLAIMER: Inuyasha belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Viz Media. I make no money off of this quiz. I do not own any of the images, and make no money off of those either. I own nothing. Find out which character from 'Inuyasha' you are most similar to.

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Where would you prefer to eat?

Where would you prefer to eat?
anywhere really, so long as I get some ramen, I don't care.
Somewhere nice. I don't want to eat in a dirty or messed up environment.
Ooh, somewhere with a lot of pretty... *Whispers* Ladies...
Where would I prefer? Well, I guess somewhere small, with good food and nice service.
In a big, grassy field, overlooking the sunset, full of wild flowers.
Us demons, don't need to eat so much as you pathetic humans!
Mmm, maybe a nice big cat, or dog, or a dog demon, their pretty tasty.
Somewhere dark, but not too dark, quiet, but not too quiet. It should be outside too, so I can feel the wind on my face.
Place to eat?
Hmm, in my shiro, with no one near me. I take confide in the darkness of my room.
anywhere, I eat when the food I can eat is presented to me.
Right meow.
ahh, well, by a nice fire is always good, but I'll take a nibble or something anywhere if I'm hungry.
I like to eat with my family, we get together and talk about our day and whats going on as we enjoy our meal.
*Gazes at tuna with longing.*
Hmm, maybe in the woods or something home-cooked. I'm not picky so long as it tastes good.

Your preferred weapon?

Your preferred weapon?
Why, my holy staff, of course!
Hmm, I guess... Well, I don't know, a bow and some arrows? I bet a staff could be cool. No, no, your right, the bow and
A weapon that always comes back and is as strong as demon's bone.
Why would I need a weapon?
The blade of which is rightfully mine...
With my magical staff, I will burn you all to hell! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, *Cough, cough.*
Forget a weapon, I'm out of here!
A big, giant blade, capable of dicing my enemies into pieces.
Weapon? *Flicks open a fan and hides smirk with it.* Theres no weapon.
Look into the mirror...
Ah, well, extensions of myself... What else is there? Oh, um, a bunch of lesser yokai to come and devour you.... Oh yes! My
mind! Thats it. I will destroy you from the inside-out, just you wait and see.
Fight? hh, yeah, I guess I'd use this old thing. *Holds up giant black smith hammer and shrugs.*
*Transforms* Roarrr!!
With the use of my bow and my holy miko(priestess) abilities, I will bring down my foes.
My spinner, check it out! *Spins spinner and it goes forever and ever before finally toppling over.*
Hand to hand,I'll mess someone up anyday!

What is your sun sign?

What is your sun sign?
Sagittarius as well
Gemini as well.

The acursed question! What is your favorite color?

The acursed question! What is your favorite color?
Bright Red
...no comment.
Blood Red
burn your eyes, hospital white
transparency would be better.
Colors are not so important, but I suppose grey.
Dark purple, almost black
metallic colors
*Stares at sky.*
Blue or red, or green, or..
The color of your face after I'm through with it.

Finish the statement: The night is...

Finish the statement: The night is...
...the time to get it--*Hides behind bushes and whispers.* On.
...is a time in which were vulnerable, but we must rest.
...a time to gather around the fire, eat some food, rest our weary heads, and enjoy each other's company.
...Foolish human! Us demons, do not need as much sleep.... But a snooze here or there... Just don't let anyone find out.
Is an anxious time for me. You never know whats out there. You gotta stay safe, seek shelter...
...is simply a time of the day. All that matters to me is how many nights have passed and I'm still stuck in this prison.
...a time when I can hardly keep my eyes open. *Yawn*
...my ally and my friend. Together we shall bring chaos and a new order.
...boring because everyone wants to waste time and sleep.
...What..!? Hush up now, I'm trying to get some rest now. *Grumble grumble.*
...is a solemn reminder that everything comes to an end, just as every day does.
...A time to replenish yourself and offer camaraderie to your brethren.
...is my not my friend, nor my enemy.
...*Cuddling and sleeping.*
Cold, but its not so bad when you have someone to sleep next to you and keep you safe.

What do you do to relax?

What do you do to relax?
Maybe a nice hot soak in a bath or hot spring, watching t.v., staying the night in a nice place, but also camping by the fire,
under the stars.
Well, meditation has many benefits and is very relaxing.
I can't just relax anymore, i'm too anxious for that. Who knows what will happen...
Rolling around in a field of daisy is oh-so refreshing, wouldn't you say?
I don't have time to relax. Come on guys, lets get going already! Okay, okay, up in a tree! Yuu happy now?
This one has no need to relax, but should he take a break, sitting against a nice tree to rest is not so bad.
On something nice and fluffy, and warm!
There is no time to relax if I'm to complete all that I must.
leaning against my weapon.
anywhere that i'm not under supervision or being watched.
I feel no need to relax. I just do as told, so I don't really know what you mean.
nice, hot bath! That would really hit the spot!
I have no need for relaxation, I'm always on the go.
Maybe taking the time to pick herbs or help out a village in need of healing, although this life doesn't seem to be meant for me,
I still feel the need to help those in trouble.
I like to kick back and eat some candy, maybe do some drawing.
*Curls up into ball and starts to fall asleep comfily.*

What is your viewpoint on love?

What is your viewpoint on love?
Really, really confusing.
Well, I mean, so long as none of them know about each other, multiple relationships are okay, right?
Love is painful, love is sorrow, yet I find myself unable to let go.
I am slowly realizing that love isn't such a bad thing.
Love is limitless.
They must be completely and utterly faithful to me.
Love? Only the great and powerful deserve my appreciation and love.
Well, I don't like too much commitment.
I guess you could say I've been scorned.
Love should be given to the most attractive and campatible person. Plus, if they have any perks, thats even more of a plus side.
Love? What is that?
Painful, but worth it. I would rather see the one I love and not be with them, than to never see them ever again. I need them in
my life.
My love was rejected for another, but thats just fine, i've been plotting my revenge for a very long time.
ahh, love, you young yipper snappers. Take it while you can get it, cause someday, it may be those very memories of your long
past old friends that keep you going.
*blush* I don't wanna talk about that right now.
*Eyes the moon and the black canvas that holds the twinkling stars, suspended in the late night's sky.*

What is power to you?

What is power to you?
Power is money.
The strength to defeat my opponent and be accepted!
It is to be earned and not taken by an object, otherwise the person forfeits any power they once had.
Power is your compassion for others.
Power is lord Sesshomaru!
Its having your family by your side and remembering them when their gone.
Knowledge is power, along with lots of retreating.
Power is freedom.
Power? Demons are the powerful ones!
Power is what you make of it.
Meow meow?
*Cuddles up to legs* 'Love'
Power is my fists and my legs. Bam! Right in the gizzard. Yeah, just like that.
Power is to be in control of every situation and manipulate the outcome of your choice.
Power is in the objects you have!
Well, ahh, now, power is the strength of yer blade.

Are you looking for jewel shards?

Are you looking for jewel shards?
Well, we have to put the jewel back together and defeat Naraku, so yes, I'm searching for the jewel shards.
Naraku is searching for the shards and if I'm to live, then I must defeat him. If I keep searching for the jewel shards, I'm bound
to bump into him eventually.
I don't really do the searching, but I get them when he wants me to.
I have no need for the shards. Those who do are pathetic and weak.
Whats a jewel shard?
The jewel shards are demonic and evil, plus, one whom killed my whole family is searching for them. I will make that evil man
pay yet!
I would never wastew my time on such stupidity, I have much more important things to do!
Yes, I find them, but I don't have to collect them.
Yes and if my companions would stop being so lazy, maybe we'd have found more of them by now!
Well, not me exactly, but from time to time, I help some folks who are.
Yeah, the people who travel with me need my help to get them, so, of course I decided to help.
Once I gain all the jewel shards, I will become a full demon and become unstoppable. anything and everything will be mine, I'll
be invincible. No one could reckon with a demon of the stature I will gain.
Not really, no.
Yeah, gotta get enough for all my limbs, or maybe use em as an engagement present.
Ha, the jewel shards, what a joke. I may play with them a little, but do with them what you will.

Who is your favorite character?

Who is your favorite character?
Kikyo or Kagome, tough choice.
Well, Sango is a very beautiful woman.
Inuyasha, Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Shippo, I love them all too much to decide, though, I do have a big heart for Inuyasha
I deeply enjoy Rin's presence, although I do not believe I could ever utter a single word of that to anyone.
That stupid monk, even though I hate to admit it.
Lord Sesshomaru is the most kind and gentle lord. I am lucky to be in his presence and will do exactly as he saids.
My favorite? Well, Inuyasha is pretty tasty, but so is Kagome!
Sesshomaru is a handsome demon, but it matters not, he is an arrogant fool!
although Lord Sesshomaru can at times seem a little harsh to me, I would follow him into the unknown and he forever has my
loyalty and faith.
I guess Naraku-sama would be my favorite.
as much as I hate it... Kikyo, she is the one woman I cannot stop thinking about. I can't seem to get her out of my mind... Or
my heart.
I would follow Inuyasha into the depths of hell, and I will force him to do the same for me.
Inutaisho was a good, old friend of mine. Myoga ain't so bad either. He knows his stuff, staying out of danger, thats what its
*looks to Sango*
Kagome is so kind and she puts Inuyasha in his place! That baka!
Isn't that Kagome a sight to behold?