Sonic WWFFY p4

Sonic WWFFY p4

Okay, so this is part 4, and in mg question thing I got a lot of people asking to be in thus one. If you don't get in this one, I'm really sorry and I promise you'll be in the next one!

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Do you know who you got last time? :3

Yas, it was Sonic!
Mhm. I got Shadow.
Yes, I had Silver.

You sat up groggily, realizing you had fallen asleep. Your hair Was a mess and you grumbled to yourself, standing up.

Did I dream or something...?
Ugh... Wtf happened.

As you stood in the bathroom, painfully tearing a brush through your hair, Cora walked up behind you.
"Hey, three of my friends are coming over, okay?" She asked brightly.

Yay, new friends! XD
Ugh... Alright, whatever.
Maybe I know them! ^-^ (Me: *facepalm*)

When you were done brushing your hair, you walked downstairs to see Cora talking to another hedgehog.
"Oh, hey Y/N, this is Yamilette." Cora then proceeded to introduce you to the other two, Jasmine and Lana. Jasmine was a fox and Lana was a wolf.

Hiii! :D
Hmpf... Hi.
Hi, new friend! Can we be friends?

Jasmine smiled at you and beckoned you to sit next to her. Yamilette frowned a bit and waved you over. Lana sat down across from you, next to Cora and motioned for you to sit over with her.

I'll sit with Yamilette!
Can I go back upstairs? (Me: NO.) okay, fine.
I'll sit with Jasmine.
Ooh, I'll sit by Lana. ^-^

You sat next to the chosen girl and watched as Sonic, Shadow, and Silver walked in.

Yo. :3
Mm, hey guys.
Hi Silver!

Shadow sat down across from you and started scribbling at the news paper in his hands with a pencil. It was then that you realized he was filling out a sudoku puzzle.

Pffft, Shadow's a nerd.

Shadow glared at you and stalked away coldly. Sonic glanced sympathetically at you.
"Don't worry, he gets like that sometimes." He reassured you.

Oh, good. :)
Oh... uh, okay!

"So... are you hungry?" Cora asked. When your stomach grumbled loudly, everyone laughed and Silver stood up with Jasmine to start baking pancakes.

Meh. I don't like pancakes.
:( Silver's mine, byatch. (Yamilette: Wut.)
Nothing! *blush*

When the pancakes were done, you dug in, finishing before everyone else.

WOOH! I'm going upstairs. /-\
I literally just said i don't like pancakes...
Okay, BYE. *storms to room angrily*

As soon as you heard all the chatter from the kitchen slow down, you poked your head out of your door to see Yamilette and Lana standing there, looking at you with mixed expressions.

Yo, what up?
WTF. Why are you standing outside my room!
That's creepy!
Erm... Hi?

"We just wanted to make sure you were okay..." Murmured Yamilette.
"Yeah, you left so suddenly." Put in Lana.

Yeah...Sorry, you're right.
Whatever. Can you leave me alone now? (Lana: Sheesh.)
-n- SILVER is mine! (Yamilette: Ok, seriously. Are you in love or something?) NO.

As soon as Yamilette, Lana, and Jasmine left, you crept back downstairs, not wanting to draw attention to yourself, you snuck to the kitchen, where you sat at the table. As soon ad you sat down, you realize your mistake. ___ was in there, sitting at the table already.

Omg I hope it's Cora XD (Cora: Woah, really?!)
No... :| I hope it's Sonic.
Wtf... Why's Shadow in here... I was here first, nerd! (Shadow: >:| Omfg stahp.)
Oh, um... Hi.

WELL. That's it for this WWFFY! Hope you.liked it!

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