type of person you are (1)

Weather your lazy or active shy or bubbly you deserve to know who you are and you'll find out with this quiz Follow meh plz

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It's Halloween which of the following do you dress up as?

Dress up please I'm too old
I'm not going anywhere in public
Martin Luther king Jr cuz he's so inspirational he's inspiration
Devil cuz that what I am
A super hero
My biggest fear

Your about to face your biggest fear which one of the following do you

Face it head on
Try to stay calm and think of a solution to this
Wimp out
I can't face my biggest fear cuz my doors locked so I can't go out side

Is this getting boring

Is this getting boring
Yesbut never give up always keep trying
Yes it is unbelievably irritating
Yes I hate it
Why do people always put this!?!

If it's raining outside which one of the following do you do

Carry on with life it's not the end of the world
Sit there and cry because there is nothing to do but circuits a depressing day and so are you
Nothing can knock me down I'm titanium (See what I did there lol)
Text cuz you're afraid of going to your friends house
Look at inspirational quotes
Make quizzes or polls

It's Christmas and which one of the following do you do

Go Carrolling with inspiration songs
Um eat
Wait for santa
Open presents
Cry because everyone else gets presents or better presents then me :*(

You get kid napped and put in a trunk which one of the following do you do

Panic and pee
Relax and think of a plan
Think it's better to die any way
Just stay calm and hope they don't kill you
Haul ass out
You keep your phone in your bra or pants and call 911
I would get out and inspire people to do the same when I get interviewed on the radio

Your strong or naw

Your strong or naw
Ya I guess
You bet it
No far from it
No but I believe others. Can if they believe in themselves