What holiday are you? (3)

What holiday are you? (3)

I'm bored. On my "What quiz do you want me to make?" poll, this had two votes. So, here it is! Enjoy! NOTE: I'm not going to include ALL the holidays. And FYI, I'm not religious; I'm just including Easter and Christmas and Hanukkah and such because they're classic American holidays.

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WHERE would you love to spend a Saturday? (Part 1)

In the city!
At a restaurant
At a playground
At an amusement park
At a fun party!
At the mall
At home
At my friend's house
In the woods
In my bedroom
At the library

HOW would you love to spend a Saturday? (Part 2)

Going rock-climbing
On a date
Playing games with my friends
Watching a movie
Doing DIYs
Spending time with my family
Having fun with my friends and family
Writing in my journal
Doing homework, reading, or studying
Helping my parents or doing chores

Which of these shirts would you be most likely to wear? (Part 1)

(Sorry! I like doing these questions!)

A sequined shirt
A glittery tank-top
A ruffly shirt
A graphic tee
A crop top
A patterned T-shirt
A sweatshirt
A fun sweater
A solid-colored, long-sleeved shirt
A button-down
A warm-colored, patterned sweater

Which of these pants would you be most likely to wear? (Part 2)

Ripped jeans
A skirt
Loose shorts
Skinny jeans

Which of these shoes would you be most likely to wear? (Part 3)

Combat boots
Knee-length boots
Heeled boots

Which of these head accessories would you be most likely to wear? (Part 4)

A heart hair clip
A sun hat
A top hat, haha!
A bow
A baseball cap
A headband
A silver hair clip
A beret
A scarf
Probably just a bobby pin
Eh, I'd most likely just wear a hair band

So, summing up all four of those parts: How would you describe your style?

Bright and outgoing!
Sweet and soft
Child-like and fun
Happy and sophisticated
Sparkly and loud
DIY and quirky!
Calm and loving
Friendly and nice
Mature and quiet
Professional and polite
Traditional and proper

What would you wear to prom?

GIRLS: A short, sequined, golden dress
BOYS: A white suit
GIRLS: A long, puffy gown with a hint of pink
BOYS: A magenta tuxedo
GIRLS: An ankle-length light yellow dress, with flowers all over it
BOYS: A pastel blue tuxedo
GIRLS: An emerald green knee-length dress
BOYS: A light green tuxedo
GIRLS: A long, glittery, silver dress
BOYS: A purple and silver suit
GIRLS: An orange, yellow, red, and black knee-length dress
BOYS: A dark orange and black tuxedo
GIRLS: A gold, tan, and orange ankle-length dress
BOYS: A brown suit
GIRLS: A beautiful gold and red knee-length dress
BOYS: A dark red suit
GIRLS: A long blue and silver dress, with rhinestones
BOYS: A black tuxedo
GIRLS: A pleated navy blue skirt, a crisp white shirt, and a blazer
BOYS: A navy blue suit
GIRLS: A colorful, knee-length, silky dress, with cool designs
BOYS: A turquoise and gold tuxedo

What do you think is your natural element?

Earth- nurturing, stubborn, loyal
Fire- determined, aggressive, sassy
Water- sensitive, emotional, compassionate
Air- free-spirited, unique, wild
Healing- sweet, shy, friendly
Darkness- focused, sarcastic, mature
Ice- brave, ambitious, intelligent
Light- optimistic, kind, insightful
A combination of Air, Fire, and Ice
A mixture of Earth and Light
"Natural element?" I like to keep things realistic, thank you.

On a scale of 1-11, how loud and outgoing are you?

1- I'm very shy and quiet, and I don't like having all eyes on me
2- I am quiet and polite, so I'm not "loud"... unless it's in a respectful way.
3- I'm quiet, but I get kind of energetic when I'm around my friends and family!
4- I'm usually tentative, and you could say I'm quiet, but when with my best friends, I goof off
5- I can get kind of loud sometimes, but only around my family and the people I'm closest to
6- In front of people I know, I can be pretty outgoing, but I tend to get a bit shy when in the company of strangers
7- I'm usually very quiet and shy, but I speak up whenever I need to
8- I'm funny, and can entertain people when all eyes are on me, but I some people find me weird
9- I'm usually pretty structured, but I like to let loose every once in a while
10- I like the spotlight, but I prefer being loud and outgoing with small groups rather than in front of huge crowds
11- I'm definitely the life of the party! I love being the center of attention!