What Makes You Beautiful? (1)

This isn't one of those quizzes that tells you IF you're beautiful, because I know everyone here is. This tells you what makes you beautiful.

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What Makes You Beautiful? (1)
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When you see a new person at school, how do you greet them?

"Hello! Welcome to the school! Want to sit with me at lunch?"
"I like your shirt! Do you want me to give you a tour of the school?"
With a big smile and a hearty wave
I give them a brochure I've made of the school's best aspects
I try to impress them with tricks that I can do; it's worth it if I get a new friend

Your aunt is sick and your family is going to the hospital to visit her. What do you bring as a gift?

I buy a joke book and read her some jokes
A handmade card with a sweet poem
A picture of the whole family standing together
I write a short story, type it up, print it out, and present it to her
I don't bring anything, but I tell her that I'll do anything to find a way to make her better

You forgot it was school picture day, and by the time you realized, you were at school - dressed in a stained shirt and baggy sweatpants. What do you do?

I joke about it with my friends and the photographer
I ignore it, because school pictures aren't really important
I smile as wide as I can in my picture, because a grin is the only thing that matters
I take a marker and draw on my shirt, so people will think that the stain is just part of the design
I ask the secretary for an outfit from the lost and found

You're rushing to get ready for school in the morning when your little sister asks you to help her find a clean shirt. You only have two minutes until the bus. What do you do?

I give her one of my shirts to wear
I help her find a shirt, not caring about getting to school on time
I find one of her pajama shirts and give it to her
I get a dirty shirt out of her closet, turn it inside out, and give it to her
I take a dirty shirt from her closet and clean it before I give it to her

It's Saturday night and your friends are sleeping over at your house. You're all making pizzas when your brother walks in and asks if he can join in. What do you do?

I allow him to join in
I set aside his own ingredients so he can feel "grown-up"
I say no, but give him a book to keep him occupied
I make a treasure map for him that will lead him to a new toy I bought recently, and he goes off to find the "treasure"
I convince him that drawing pictures is more fun than making pizzas, and he leaves

Once you finish making pizzas, you and your friends eat supper and your mom tells you to go to sleep. You're not tired, though, so you stay up chatting with your friends. Your mom hears you and comes in to your room, yelling, "I said, go to bed! If I hear one more word, you're in trouble!"

I wait until my mom closes the door, and then I pass notes with my friends
I tell my friends to stop talking; my mom is stressed out
My friends and I make funny faces at each other when my mom leaves the room
I dare my friends to stay quiet; whoever is quiet the longest gets a donut in the morning
I talk privately with my mom in the hall, trying to convince her that it's okay for me to talk with my friends

The next morning, your mom says, "I heard one of your friends talking last night! Once I find out who it was, they're in trouble!" You were actually the one who was talking. What do you do?

My friends and I all take the fall together
I tell my mom that it wasn't them; I get in trouble as a result
I try to make a joke about the situation, but it just ends up getting me in trouble, too
I let my friend take the blame, but I cheer them up afterwards
I manage to persuade my mom that she didn't hear anyone talking

What symbol sounds the most interesting to you?

Holding hands, to represent unity
A dove, to represent peace
A smiley face, to represent optimism
A question mark, to represent mystery
A lion, to represent courage

Why do you think the world has so many problems?

Because everyone is divided
Because everyone is selfish
Because everyone is pessimistic
Because no one is being unique
Because everyone gives up too easily

What qualities would you want most in a significant other?

Friendliness, sociability, and being conversational
Love, compassion, and respectfulness
Cheerfulness, optimism, and humor
Creativity, being artistic, and being musical.
Determination, courage, and motivation.