Your Warrior Cat Life

Your Warrior Cat Life

This is a complex Warrior Cat quiz in which you will meet former Clancats whom have joined their ancestors in the stars to find out YOUR individual destiny. There are two cats, a shecat and a tom, for each of the four Clans. Enjoy!

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You are walking into the woods when you see a group of four cats walk out towards you, seemingly from thin air. All four cats have the same shimmery fur, indicating that they were from the stars.
"Hi there! Welcome to the forest, young one.
It is time for you to choose your destiny!"

"Of course." You bow your head
"Oh! Um, oh my... okay!"
"Alright! Let's get this party started!"
You tilt your head sleepily. "Oh, alright
"I am prepared."
"What?! Are you insane?!" You back up,
flattening your ears.
"Yeah, yeah. Get on with it already!"
"Hm. It seems so."

One cat stepped forward. He was a strong, noble looking tom with thick, starry orange fur and shining silver eyes. "Hello, I am Duskstar, former leader of ThunderClan. All of us StarClan warriors will help ask questions to decide your fate. Your first question is this; if you were able able to save one cat or group of cats from death, who would it be?"

"Easy. My leader."
You gasp. "Why, I would save the Elders.
There's nothing more important than
knowing the history of your Clan."
"My loyal Deputy."
"My parents!"
"My loving mate."
"My best friend from kithood."
"Myself, of course! How else would I show
my immense strength?"
"My only son! He must live!"

All four cats murmured amongst themselves, considering your answer. The next cat, this one a wiry shecat with a long red tail and crooked ears stepped up into the light. Her amber eyes shone as she introduced herself. "I am Burnwhisker, former deputy to WindClan. My question is this; what is the most important attribute of a Clancat?"

"Loyalty! To your leader AND mate."
"Kindness and compassion."
"Self confidence! A cat would get nowhere
without any "
"The ability to imagine! A Clan wouldn't be
the same without imagination."
"Arrogance and bravery."
"Humor and determination to do the right
"Strength! It's best if the weaklings just stay
out of your way."

After Burnwhisker stepped away, large tomcat with broad yellow shoulders stepped forward to take her place. His pawsteps pattered softly against the mossy ground. "Greetings. I am called Lionwhisper, former ShadowClan Warrior. My questions is; if you were in a life or death situation, how would you handle it?"

"After making sure my leader was safe, I'd
run away myself, taking the flight method."
"I would stand strong and uphold my duty
in my Clan before running away when
things got bad."
"Hold my ground and fight! My warriors
need me!" You growl, digging your claws
into the soft earth,
as if daring anyone to say anything.
"Run! I'm an important cat with an
important destiny! No small thing like
DEATH can hold me back!"
You scoff and toss your head.
"I would fight to the death! My Clanmates
must trust me... I'll do ANYTHING to win
back their trust!"
You yowl defiantly.
"Fight! There's nothing better than a good
ol' scuffle! And if I die, I'll die a hero!"
"Pretend to fight, so that my Clanmates
don't think I'm weak, but when they least
expect it, I run and
save myself."
"Save my kit(s)! They are more important to
me than anything else in the world!"

Next up was the smallest little cat you've ever seen. She was silver with black lynx points and had a soft, whispery voice. "Hello, I am Mistpaw. I was a RiverClan apprentice who fell ill to a mysterious bout of whitecough. My mother was a traitor to my Clan when she ditched me, her only kit, to be with a kitty pet tom. So my question to you is this; if given the chance for a better, safer, longer life, would you take it? Why or why not?"

"Yes. I would, if my life was in immediate
danger." You scowl at your paws. "Call me
selfish, if you wish, but it's for the greater
good of my Clanmates..."
"I have a duty- and a promise to my Clan-
that must be fulfilled. That is all I wish to
say on the matter."
"Never! As long as my Clan stands, I stand
with them!"
"It depends. A kittypet, never! A loner or a
rogue maybe though..."
"Never! Not when my Clan has just started
to trust me again."
"Not at all!
"Of course I would ditch those blubbering
fools for something better. Who would I be
if I didn't jump at a chance like that?"
"Of course not! The life of a Clancat is the
only life for me."

Duskstar nodded at his starry friends as Mistpaw stepped back, seeming to melt into the shadows. He wrapped his tail around his paws as he gazed at where the young cat had disappeared fondly. "She's a good cat, just needed a chance, that's all..."

"Kits do deserve loving parents... I
SUPPOSE." You added hastily, faking a
"Of course. I respect your for your kind
words, Duskstar."
"I suppose so, yes."
You stay silent and unmoving, seeming
unaffected by the tom's words.
"Um, yes. Indeed." You scowl darkly at your
paws, seeming guilty.
You shift from paw to paw, uncomfortable
with the starry cat's sudden kindness.
You spit into the starry dirt in disgust.
"Spare me your compassion, you old
wheezer." You snarl, lashing your tail.
"She's just another cat, like anyone else
who's been betrayed."
You nod and smile. "Being a mother is one
of life's greatest joys. That shecat deserved

Duskstar looked at you for a long time before speaking. "You have brave blood in you, all of you. Perhaps you are destined to be part of the great LionClan." Behind Duskstar, multiple cats began mewing, including the cats you met tonight.

"Perhaps I am. But my loyalty to my Clan is more important than anything else."
"Oh... Th-thank you, Duskstar. I am honored." You dip your head respectfully.
"Duskstar, you know about leading a Clan. Then you must know that my Clan gives me the strength and bravbravery to push on. Without my Clan, I am nothing."
You puffed up your chest, attempting to look bigger. "Course I am." You bragged easily, as if it were nothing.
"Thank you, Duskstar. It makes me proud to know how highly you think of me, despite my many flaws..."
"Wow! That would be... SO COOL!" Your wide eyes shone with passion and anticipation. "That sounds like an adventure I wouldn't want to miss out on!"
You snort and whirl towards all the starry cats. "Fools! Of course I am strong! I am the bravest, noblest cats in the forest! I could outwit even the smartest StarClan elders and best even the strongest StarClan warriors in a fight!"
You lower your head almost sadly. "I am honored, Duskstar, that you think so highly of me, but I must protect my kits at all cost and that is my single duty."

Lionwhisper walked up to Duskstar, whispering something in his ear before turning back to you. "My young friend," He began fondly, "The time has come for your destiny to be chosen. The path will be set before you and it is up to you to choose it."

"Alright. I shall ready myself."
"I am prepared for anything, Lionwhisper. This has been a great honor."
You nod and dip your head in a show of respect, steeling yourself for what is to come.
"Yes. Yes, whatever. I'm ready."
"Of course. I am prepared. Thank you, all of you."
"Woo-Hoo! I can't wait! I wonder what will happen, this is SO exciting!"
"Finally! This initiation whatever took FOREVER!"
You smile a little, gazing off into the distance, already dreaming of a new life as a Clancat.