Are you good, bad or evil

Are you good, bad or evil

The title says it all in this quiz you with find out about your inner personality I hope you like what you get please comment

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You are in a burning building what do you do

Calmly and sensibly order people to
escape before you, you will help
Scream and wail you are to young to
die nooo
Block all the exits to stop everyone
escaping maw-ha-ha-ha

You are left with in a room with 4 people a knife and a gas system that goes off in a minutes time what do you do

Hack the door down and help the other
people in the room
Scream and wail I mustn't die I can't
die it's impossible I can't die
Murder people with the sword and then
hack the door and escape

What is your favourite activity?

Mwah-ha-ha you don't want to know
Dusting, polishing, house work
Ripping up teddy bears

Your ideal guy/girl

A bad girl/boy
A sycopath
Someone that is sweet and respects me

Your sibling tells you to look after their toy you

Look after it
Cut its hair of
Burn it