Did You Have a Good School Picture?

It's Picture Day at your school! You want to make sure you have a great picture! Something could happen to your picture though! Make sure you make sure you have a great school picture... OR ELSE. XD

published on April 06, 201525 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

It's your turn to take your picture! The camera man says, "Okay, ___. Say cheese!" You notice you have food stuck in your teeth. What do you do?

Ask for the cameraman to wait.
Pick at it.
Smile without showing my teeth.
Too lazy to care.

Your waiting in line for your picture. There is a fan in front of you. The fan covers you in wind and your hair gets messed up. You would get a comb, but they are all gone. What do you do?

I'll ask to borrow one from my friend.
Who cares.
I have an extra comb!
It doesn't look THAT bad.
I'm a guy.

As your washing your hands in the bathroom, you notice something on your forehead. A giant pimple has grown on your head. The speaker announces your class will be taking their class picture. What do you do?

Quickly wash it off with soap.
Catch up with my class.
Wipe my forehead.
Cover the pimple with my hair.

The girl named Amy in front of you is talking to her friend. She's spitting everywhere as she talks. Some spit is about to land on your face.

I'd dodge it quickly.
What? Who cares about that.
Spit?! What spit?!

It's Taco Tuesday in the Cafeteria. You have a lot of sauce on your taco. Your friend pokes your shoulder. "Hey, ___. You have something on your shirt." You notice a splat of sauce on your brand new white shirt. After lunch is your class picture. What do you do?

WHAT!!??!! I'll fix it. OXI-CLEAN! XD
Meh. It's not noticeable.
Good thing I have an extra shirt!
Why bother. I'm too hungry.