What Flower Are You? (8)

This is to tell you what kind of flower you are. I hope you like the quiz. :)

published on July 28, 201514 responses 9
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What do you think of makeup?

Dark makeup!
I don't wear makeup.
I wear bright makeup!
Loads of makeup is the best!

What do you do in your free time?

I don't know!
Helping out.

What's your favorite animal?

Tigers- They eat people.
Puppy- They stay in my purse.
Bunny- So cute!!
All animals, I guess.

You're friend is being bullied. What do you do?

Tell the bully to stop.
"Excuse me, bully, can you not be mean to my friend?"
No one goes after my friends. Everyone's too scared to mess with me or my friends.
Ugh, whatever. My friend will figure something out.

Someone steals the taco you just bought. What do you say/do?

Ugh, rude!
"Excuse me. That's mine."
Oh, well, they probably wanted it more.
They would never do that. Or else they would lose an eye. X-)

What's your favorite food?

Pink cupcake!
Anything made with love.
Anything, really.

There's a new nerdy kid in school. What do you say/do?

Ugh, whateves! Nerd.
"Hello! I'm (name)!"
WHO CARES? They'll find their way around.