Which Warrior Cats Leader Are you?

Which Warrior Cats Leader Are you?

This quiz is based completely off the books. It's to see which leader you are from every single book and/or series. If you don't get who you wanted, or your favorite cat or whatever, don't complain to me; just retake the quiz. I's not that big of a deal. Anyway, that said, enjoy the quiz! Also, I may forget a cat and if i do, please don't get mad at me, it's hard to remember practically every single warrior cat there is. Thanks!

published on July 08, 2014 49 responses 16 4.9★ / 5

What Clan do you lead?


Are you a Tomcat or Shecat?


What color is your fur?

Dark brown with tabby markings
Brown and black
Cream with white markings and a white chest
Bluegrey fur
Pale cream and brown
Grey and white
White with black paws and ear tips
Brown with dark tabby markings
White with black spots and markings
Yellow with dark ginger markings

Do you have any kits?

Yes, of course
Nah, it just never really interested me
Not any that I know of, at least
Yes...in a way
Nope. My Clan's more important
Yep, a lot of them too. All full grown now, though
No, none. Kits are useless
Yes, but they're in a different Clan
Yes...but..it hurts...they've all...gone to StarClan

If you had to choose between being a kittypet or a kit forever which would you choose?

... I don't like talking about kitttypets
Kit, of course!
Kit... *shudders* just the thought of being with Twolegs....
Maybe I'd be a kittypet...

Do you have any scars?

No, my pelt is flawless
Yes, just a sign to make others stay out of my way *growls*
Of course! It's a symbol of my many battles won
Why yes, I do. But my pelt isn't covered with scars
No, just a broken bone
A few small ones


Goodbye for now
Bye fellow Clanner
This quiz was great by the way!
Bye, it was nice meeting you
Yeah, yeah, whatever. just stay out of my way, this quiz was a waste of time
I hope to bee seeing you again
Goodbye.. I guess