are you my best friend

my fav tv show PSHYCH it's a show about a guy who pretends he's a pshychic and his best friend

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what's your fav color


you like to

play sports
watch tv
play video games

at school your

the popular one
the quiet one that has no friends
a person who has a fun small group

when you grow up you want to be

a fashion modle or someone who makes alot of money
i don't know there is alot of choices out there
a cook a designer a painter something artistic

are you

crazy, kind,but on the crazy note you know when to calm down
the kind of person who if you saw a homeless guy drop money you'd pick it up and not give it back
quiet and everyone thinks your borring but they don't know the truth


have a boyfriend
don' t have a boyfriend
you don't have one but there's this guy you have crush on

you like to

i'm to busy playing sports

do you like dogs or cats or both


if their was a fire and you only had time to save a painting that is worth millions or a prisioner that was about to be put to death what would you save

the prisioner
the painting
nether i'll save myself