What nail polish color are you?

What nail polish color are you?

There are many colors of nail polish. Which one fits your personality? By the way, just like with my lipstick quiz, I am going to assume everyone who takes this is a girl - sorry if I offend you or if you are lesbian.

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Which of these sounds like an awesome way to celebrate your birthday?

My boyfriend taking me out on a date
Going to an amusement park
Hanging out at the beach with my BFFs
Traveling the world
Spending quality time at home with my family
A surprise birthday sleepover with my best friends
Going on a shopping spree
A normal birthday party at home
Going to my favorite band's concert

What value is most important to you?

I can't decide - all of them are important

Which school activity would you like to join?

Student Council
Joke Club
Earth Club
Anti-Bullying Club
Civil Rights Club
Art Club
Anything my best friends are in
Anything that my boyfriend is in

If it were the weekend and your parents were taking you out shopping, what would you wear?

Skinny jeans, suede boots, and a sweater
Leggings, flip-flops, and a bright shirt
A cute skirt, heeled boots, and a tank-top
Khaki pants, a sweater, and hiking boots
Fleece pants, sneakers, and a graphic tee
Comfy pants, a sweater, and suede boots
Leggings, sandals, and a cute dress
Jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt
Heeled boots, skinny jeans, and a leather jacket

~RP~ It's your first date! Your boyfriend's picking you up in half an hour and you aren't even close to ready! What do you do?

Take a shower, get in a cute dress, put on some lipstick and mascara, and get on high heels
Get dressed in a funky outfit and wait for him
Put on bright clothes, text my friends, and get blush and lip gloss on
Get dressed, swipe on some lip gloss, and wait outside
Get really stressed out and start to cry
Calm down and think of what I want to wear
Panic - how am I ever going to get ready in only 30 minutes?!
Throw on some jeans, suede boots, and a sweater, and read while I wait
Choose a sophisticated outfit and then spend the rest of the time getting makeup on

(End of RP) Which would you rather have as a pet?

A fluffy poodle
A lizard
A bird
A labrador retriever
A black cat
A cute guinea pig
Some fish
Obviously a horse
A cool guard dog

Name one thing that people think you do, but you actually don't.

Flirt with everyone
Spend all night studying
Bully people
Talk to animals
Cry all the time
Spend all my time outside
Run my family into debt
Kiss up to the teacher
Cut myself

What is one stereotype that people associate with you?

Popular kid
Teacher's pet

Enough of the bad things: name one good thing about yourself.

I'm compassionate
I never give up
I can cheer anyone up
I can control myself
I'm sympathetic
I'm always fair
I'm friendly
I have great focus
I'm always honest

What is your favorite scent?

Pumpkin spice
The woods
The ocean
Vanilla or chocolate
Fresh linen
Freshly cut grass

What is your favorite animal?