For Guys: Are you a good best friend?

Find out if you are a good best friend to your female best friend. BFF quiz

published on April 23, 201510 responses 3
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You see her crying, what do you do?

Hug her and give her all the comfort she needs
Leave her alone, she probably needs the privacy
Ignore her
Try to take her mind of it by going to the movies or taking her somewhere to eat

Your friend is sick, she sends everyone a snapchat, if someone gives the sick girl icecream they will get a kiss on the cheek. What do you do?

Send her back: i would do it for a kiss on the mouth ;)
Check if you have money and go buy some icecream, if you dont have money you send her back IM SO SORRY BUT I DONT HAVE ANY MONEY, you want me to come over?
Ignore it
Say you dont have money even though you have got plenty because you don't want to hurt her.

If she wants to hug you, what do you do?

Hug her back until she let's go
Try to avoid it. I dont like hugs
Hug her because she's my best friend. But i try to let go as quickly as i can
Hug her and kiss her on the forhead

Do say to her that you love her?

Yes, She is the best thing that has ever happened to me
No, that would be weird
No, i don't love her

Do you like to cuddle with her

Yes we cuddle all the time
No, i generally dont like to cuddle
No, she is just my friend
No, i would never