Which scented Yankee candle are you?

Which scented Yankee candle are you?

I'm not including ALL of the scents, of course. But take this quiz to find out which scent you are!

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Which holiday is your favorite, out of these?

New Years'
Groundhog Day
Valentine's Day
Mother's Day or Father's Day
4th of July
My birthday, obviously!

What color do you think your aura would be?


On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy spending time with family?

1- I hardly ever have time to do it; there are more exciting things to do, like explore the woods
2- It's boring! We never do any fun stuff, we just sit and talk about boring things! But it's better than having a
dentists' appointment, I guess...
3- I really love them, but I get distracted by other things, and I can't devote all my attention to them
4- Since they won't be around forever, I really do appreciate them- but if there's sunshine outside, I'm leaving; I
can't waste a sunny day!
5- Of course I love it! It's just that I want to be with my friends AND family AND pets, and everyone!
6- I love my family, and they love me! I can't spend time with them for long, though - my friends need me!
7- I like it, sure, but it's not the most important thing to me. Sometimes they can get a bit loud and annoying.
8- I love spending time with them! I like cuddling with them and hugging them and kissing them.. why wouldn't I?
9- Well, they're my family, so of course I like spending time with them, and I enjoy every minute I spend with them
when I'm not working
10- My family is the most important thing in the world, and I enjoy spending time with them more than anything

Let's say you and your friends want to hang out. They let you choose where, how, etc. What do you pick?

We go rock climbing first, and then we go for a run through the park. We end the day by kayaking!
We'll each invite a date, and have a romantic picnic in the park
We hang out at the beach
They all come over to my house, and we read, eat, and chat
We volunteer at the local animal shelter
We all plant flowers, eat cookies, and drink lemonade
We go to an art museum, and afterwards, we eat lunch at a fancy restaurant
We walk through the woods, taking pictures and watching the clouds
We go to a theme park, and for lunch, we eat ice cream and hot dogs
They come to my house and we bake cookies

Which element fits your personality?

Nurturing Earth
Ambitious Fire
Easygoing Water
Free-spirited Air
Selfless Healing
Sophisticated Darkness
Sharp Ice
Cheerful Light
I don't know; I'm a mixture of a few
I don't know anything about elements!

Which shirt would you rather wear? (Part 1)

A bright orange crop-top
A pink t-shirt with hearts on it
A fluffy lavender sweatshirt
A soft cashmere turtleneck
A fuzzy pastel sweater
A bright yellow tank top
A red button-up shirt
A loose, baggy t-shirt
A t-shirt with cartoon characters on it
A fun t-shirt that matches the one my friend is wearing

Which pants would you rather wear? (Part 2)

Yoga pants
A sparkly mini-skirt
Loose jeans
Long fleece pants
Soft sweatpants
A flouncy golden skirt
Pleated pants
Orange shorts
Jeans with embroidered designs

RP time!

It's summer vacation, and your parents bought a lot of popsicles at the store. Which flavor do you choose?

Blue raspberry
Fruit punch
Green apple
I don't like popsicles.

What is your zodiac sign?


Which song do you like the best, out of these?

Roar, by Katy Perry
What Do U Mean?, by Justin Bieber
Style, by Taylor Swift
Dream a Little Dream of Me, by Mama Cass Eliot (at least, I think she wrote it)
What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction
Lollipop, by Mika
We'll Be The Stars, by Sabrina Carpenter
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, by Cindy Lauper
Smile, by R5
I don't like any of these songs.