Ladies night! FNAF 2 quiz (Girls only)

You are in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza with the lady animatronics. Yal are trying to stay away from the boys,but still have a good time.

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Ladies night! FNAF 2 quiz (Girls only)

You and me are at the front door of the Fazbear's Family Dinner. Toy Chica,Mangle,and Chica are there waiting for us.

Lets go in. (Me:Ok.)
:Runs off: (Me:What the heck!)

Me and you go in and the girl animatronics welcome us.

Hey Girls! (Me:Hey Hey Hey!)
Yal are fu#king crazy! (Me:0-0)

The boys welcome us as well,Toy Chica punches Toy Bonnie's face.

Ya get em girl! (Me:Aww ya!)
Hey,thats rude. (Me:...)

We go to another room AWAY from the boys. We watch girly TV shows together.

Omg this is so fun! (Me:Ya)
:Falls asleep: (Me:Are you serious?)

The boys walk in and Chica screams her head off cuz she is naked.

Hey! Not cool boys! (Me:Tell them off girl!)
:Laughs: (Chica:Your m-mean...)

Chica and Bonnie go to another room and me, you, and mangle finds them having sex.

:You punch Bonnie in the face:

:If u choose the 2nd one: Freddy gasps and curses his mouth off.

Freddy, you nothing but a disappointment.

:If u chose the 1st one: Toy Bonnie smiles as well

:Still smiling:
:You toss Toy Bonnie to the wall:

Toy Freddy kicks us out early.

:Walks away: