Are you in a healthy relationship? (1)

Take this quiz to find out if you are in a relationship that is healthy:)

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Are you in a healthy relationship? (1)

When a problem arises, can you talk to them about it?

Almost always

How often do you talk to each other about how the relationship is going?

Quite often

Do you trust this person?

Of course
Almost never

Do they allow you to make important decisions with them?

It depends

How often do you two discuss issues within the relationship?

Whenever one arises
Never. They blame it one me and that's it

Are you comfortable being the real you in front of them?

Of course. They love me for who I truly am!
Yes and no. Sometimes I think they don't like the real me
Not really. I can see that they always judge me.

Do they call you mean names or make you feel sad?

Not really. But when they do, I know its a joke. I tease them back
Sometimes, and its hard to know if their joking or not.
Yes. It makes me very sad and uncomfortable.

Do you feel safe when they are around?

Yes! It feels like I'm being protected by a guard
Most times, but sometimes I feel they might crack and get angry
Not really. Most times they make me feel like I'm not safe when I'm around them

Do you feel that you are both equal in the relationship?

Of course! We both get an equal say in everything
Not really. They mostly make me feel lower than them

Do they make an effort to make you happy?

Yes! Not to the point they are buying me things everyday but just things like calling me nice names, and complementing me
Sometimes. Sometimes they try too hard though
Very rarely. They mostly think about themselves