What Does Jeff The Killer Think Of You? (1)

Hello! Today we will be seeing of what Jeffery woods thinks of you. Good luck! Btw, this is my first quiz, so please don't hate.

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Do you like killing? I do, and if you do, automatically friends.

Ehh.. It's okay, it's not great.. I don't do it a whole bunch..
It's awesome! *Jeff: Yes!* It's a great way to get revenge! Nyheheh..
I like it, it's fun. I like it like I like you, jeff! A Lot!
I. Hate. It! I hate it and you're a freak!

Do you like me? am I beautiful?

Ew!!! No!
Yes! Most beautiful person ever!
Yep, everybody is beautiful in their own way!
Idiot, no way!

Do you like jane..?

She's cool and all, but you didn't deserve that.. Horrible thing that she has done to you..
Shes.. Okay?
I love jane!
I like her.

Why s your favorite proxy?

Laughing jack! I love candy.
Jane! I hate you.
Ben drowned! I love video games.
Lulu. I'll give her my eyes.
Toby! I like his tics.
Nina, she's cute! I'm on her side!
Masky! Cheesecake!
Hoodie! Cheesecake!
Other. /None of the above.
Eyeless jack! Kidneys!
Bloody painter! I like painting.

Okay, what do you think of slender?

Hes cool and all, but he's kinda creepy.
I like him.
I love him!!
I don't like him at all...
He's creepy..
Sure.. He's nice..? I bet?
He's cool.