What is your true name?

What is your true name?

This quiz will tell you what your real name should be. Sorry, boys, but it's only for girls. I'll make a boys one soon. Have fun taking it!

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What's your favorite color?

Steady green
Cheerful yellow
A rainbow of colors
Neutral brown
Unique turquoise
Fiery orange
Peaceful purple
Energetic pink
Calm blue

RP time! You're helping out at a preschool for a day when the teacher has to run a quick errand. She leaves you to keep the kids occupied. How do you do it?

I give them a spelling test
I tell them funny jokes
I engage them in pretend play
I give them books to read
We play hide-and-go-seek
I do some yoga or dancing with them
I take them for a walk
We shake our sillies out
I start a discussion about a random topic

You're walking in the city when you find a wallet. Upon looking inside, you notice it has over $3,000 in it. That's just enough money to take your family on the vacation you've been needing for years! There is no ID inside. What do you do?

I take it straight to the police
I use the money to take my family on their vacation
I turn it in to the police, but work out a system so that if they can't find the owner in three days, it's mine
I leave it there
I advertise it with posters
If they didn't leave an ID in it, then they obviously don't care, so I use it for the vacation
I donate it to the local charity
I give it to the police and offer to help them find the owner
I give it to a homeless person

RP time! It's your birthday, and your parents say you can choose how to spend it. How do you spend it?

A sleepover with my best friends
A day at the mall with my friends
Picking out whatever I want at my favorite store
Watching a movie at home with my family
Playing board games with my friends
At an amusement park, going on the thrill rides
Volunteering at an animal shelter
Playing games at an arcade
Taking a trip to a library

What birthday present would make you most happy?

A new purse or a pair of shoes
A joke-book
A set of riddle cards
New cooking utensils
A set of paints
A bow and arrows
Money to donate to a charity
A soccer ball
A new book

The day after your birthday, your parents tell you that you're moving to a different state. How do you react?

I know they must have had a reason, so I don't argue
I yell and scream at them
I write a story about a person who has to move, thinking this will help me cope
I sit down and talk with them about why we're moving
I storm to my room and write in my diary
I try to convince them not to move
I'm not affected; I just read a book
I'll have to leave all my friends! I burst into tears and cry.
I meet with my friends separately and say goodbye

What do you hope your new house will be like?

Plain and simple
Lots of bedrooms and a huge den
A large playroom and a cool bedroom
Small and old-fashioned
Oddly-shaped and strangely colored
Open, with large rooms
Comfy bedding and open floor plan
Lots of extra bedrooms, and one big room so I can have wild parties
Simple rooms with good lighting; nothing too extravagant

What do you do on the car ride to your house?

Look out the window
Play on my iPod
Draw mythical creatures
Play games with my siblings
Suggest that we all sing a song
Sit quietly and don't do anything

You get to the house and find out that there's a stray cat who comes to the house a lot, because the previous owners gave it food often. What do you do?

I put up "Lost Cat" posters
I make it go away
I take it to the vet and let them have it
I ignore it
I take it to the shelter
I beg my parents to let us adopt it
I feed the cat, give it a collar, and take it to the vet
I take pictures of it
I feed it occasionally

It's your first day of school in the new town and you don't have any friends. What qualities do you look for in a friend?

Easy-going, simple, hardworking, sensible, and levelheaded
Funny, sweet, caring, and wild
Creative, artistic, imaginative, and understanding
Intelligent, nice, and proper
Weird, quirky, energetic, and outgoing
Determined, courageous, brave, and passionate
Sweet, kind, caring, selfless, loving, and nice
Extroverted, active, intense, and random
Kind and practical

How do you go about getting new friends?

I focus on my schoolwork and try to keep my grades up
I try to make people laugh
I work on being myself
I start conversations with people
I goof off in class and become the troublemaker
I try to make everyone my friend
I focus on being nice and helpful
I show off my skills
I sit with people at lunch