Which piece of jewelry suits you?

Which piece of jewelry suits you?

This quiz will tell you which piece of jewelry fits your personality the most. Have fun! (Just like with my lipstick and nail polish quizzes, I'll be assuming everyone who takes this is a girl. Sorry if I offend you.) Also, the personalities might be wrong, but eh, it's just for fun :)

published on November 10, 201538 responses 8
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It's Saturday night, and your family is going to spend some quality time together. What activity do you suggest?

Taking a walk
Making snacks
Telling jokes
Scavenger hunt
Watching a movie
Playing board games

It's now Sunday morning. Your family is going to go out shopping. You're running out of time, but there's one thing you still need to do before you go. What is it?

Grab a book
Get my purse
Put on some cute accessories
Grab my phone
Get some money
Put on makeup
Call my friends and invite them to come with us

You're out shopping in your favorite store when you see something awesome that you just HAVE to have - except it's out of your price range. What do you do?

Look around the store for any extra money someone might have dropped
Beg my parents for more money
Take a photo of it and then post it on Instagram - every one of my friends NEEDS to know about my misery
Think of a way that I can be able to get it
Ask my parents what I can do to earn the money for it
Text my friends about how unfair it is
Borrow some money from my friends and promise to pay them back

It's Monday! Which outfit do you wear to school?

Jeans, heeled boots, and a sweater
A graphic tee, shorts, and sneakers
Leggings, a skirt, flip-flops, and a graphic tee
A brightly-colored shirt, ripped jeans, and neon sneakers
Sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and sneakers
Leggings, sandals, and a cute dress
Jeans, suede boots, and a graphic tee

Which word describes you best?


You have a super-important test coming up. What do you do?

Spend a few days studying
Review my notes for a day or two, but that's it
Forget about it - it doesn't matter
Study really hard every day
Ask my family to help me study
Nothing - if I bomb it, I bomb it!
Start a study group with my friends

No matter what you answered on the previous question, you bomb the quiz. How do you react?

Ask my teacher if I can do anything for extra credit
I ask my family to help me study even harder next time
I forget about it immediately
Ask to retake it
Fine - it doesn't matter
I ask my friends to help cheer me up
I would NEVER fail a quiz; I'm too smart for that

It's the last day of school! How do you sign your friends' yearbooks?

"We make a great team - you're so awesome"
I write a different joke in each one of them
"Lol, we're inseparable"
"Have a great summer, bestie!"
"Had SO much fun w/ you this year"
"See you next year!! xoxoxo"
I don't sign yearbooks

Your parents are taking you on a cross-country road trip during the summer! What do you make sure to pack?

My sketchpad and pencils
Money for souvenirs
A magazine
A book
A camera
My phone
My friend, of course - they always come on our vacations!

What do you do during the car trip?

Take pictures for my friends
Play on my phone
Talk with my family
Text my friends
Write in my journal, so I can be sure to tell my friends every last detail later

First stop - a museum! What do you do when you get there?

Head straight for my favorite exhibit
Go to the gift shop and get a souvenir
Play I-Spy with my sibling
Explore the cool exhibits
Ask the employees about certain artifacts
Take pictures and tweet them - gotta keep my followers updated!
FaceTime my friend and show them all the exhibits

You finally arrive home, after weeks of being on the road. What is the first thing you do?

Play with my pets
Show off my awesome souvenirs
5 letters: r-e-l-a-x...
Get on the computer and upload the pictures I took
Re-read my journal entries and laugh about what I wrote
Tweet about my adventures
Invite my friend over

What cartoon character is most like you?

Snoopy - he's imaginative
Spongebob Squarepants - he's funny
Jimmy Neutron - he's smart
Finn - he's brave
Strawberry Shortcake - she's perky
Princess Peach - she's sweet
I can't choose - I like all of them!