What animal are you really?

With this quiz you will find out what animal you are truely, as always please follow, like, and comment 😸-Raven also there are many clues in each question to what animal it is πŸ˜‰

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Who are you?, are you famous? OMGOSH do you like fantasy books, cause I like love
them. Uh should I stop talking?
Thanks uhh who are you?
Cheers, and nice to meet you, random person who gives us questions πŸ˜…
Nice and thanks!

If you didn't know I'm the person who gives you questions, speaking of which here's your first:
If you were a flavour ice cream what flavour would you be?

Umm I like chocolate but vanilla is good ohhh maybe cookies and cream!! 😱
Uhhh I like strawberry and so does all meh friends so yeah
I like plain vanilla and salted caramel-Yum! (As long as it's lactose free πŸ˜‰)
Uhhhh I Would be ALL of dem!! Whoop whoop

What colour would you be? -yawn-

I would be green, dark green, light green, blue-green. And pink! (☺️)
I would be the calmer colours, like the pastel blue and grey maybe uhh and definitely
pastel purple and teal/cyan
I would be, idk about my friends but I would be white or maybe black or even brown
Omgosh I would totally be like red or or blue no maybe yellow oh oh nope I would be
ALL of dem!! Uhh no maybe...

What is your fave food to eat? I like green apples

I Like meat a lot, and so do most of my friends
Um I actually like seeds, so maybe pistachios no no no maybe sunflower seeds yeah..
No maybe I'll just stick with fruit... Hmmm maybe..
I actually prefer fish, and sea food don't get me wrong I like chicken too
I prefer a healthier way and eat fruit and vegetables

If you were making friends how would you do it?

I would talk and just like tell a joke to some people and hope for the bast uhh no maybe
(question giver): STOP TALKING
I would calmly walk up to someone and ask if they are ok and maybe ask to be friends!
Umm wait I'm thinking... Uhh I would tell them an interesting fact about something and
hope they let me join there chat
Well I already have lots of friends and they just asked to join my group so I guess that's
what I would do?

If you had to go out what would you ware?

I would ware something bright and colourful because it represents my happy and Bubbly
personality or maybe even (question giver): what did I say?!! 😑
I prefer something my friends approve of, like maybe a nice blackberry sort of colour
I would appreciate something sleeker, black, and elegant
I would ware a top and shorts/Jeans because it's easier and cheaper than buying a
dress and only wearing it once.

hmmmm what should the next question be?....

Why do you ask me?, do you like me? Or do you just want me to shut up... πŸ˜…
Umm ask somebody else
Maybe you could do What do you want to do after this?

What do you want to do after this?

TALK cause you tell me to shut up (TALK TALK TALK!!!)
Sleep in the sun..zzzz
Play with my friends and family BC I can
Sunbathe bc I can

This will affect your score- did you enjoy yourself?

Zzzzzz... Huh?
Meh Zzzzzz...
Yes, I guess