Would the pack enjoy a sleepover with you?

Would the pack enjoy a sleepover with you?

Want to find out if the minecraft youtube group, the pack, would enjoy sleepover with you? Take this quiz and find out!

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You are in bed about ready to fall asleep and Mitch calls you and says, " Hey, (Y/N), I was just wondering if you wanted you have a sleepover with us? Tomorrow at 4:00."
What do you say to him?

"Uhh... Sure, I'll be there."
A little nervous.
"Don't be shy." Mitch says.
"Heck yeah!"
"Yeah, this is gonna be fun!" You made Mitch excited,
"One second, Mitch."*Screams!*"Yes,yes,yes! I'm
Crazy about it.
"OK, OK, calm down." Mitch says.
"Yes, I will go, bye."
You act normal
"Okay, see you there, bye." Mitch says.
"Yeah, I will go but I won't be happy."
You say unwillingly.
"Then why are you going?" Mitch asked.
"Yeah, I'm gonna torment and annoy you guys so
bad!"*Evil laugh*
"Uhh... bye." Mitch says hanging up.

In the morning, you start packing. What do you pack?

Pillow, clothes, toothbrush, the more important
Chainsaw, pillows full of rocks, things you can
torment them with.
I don't need to pack. I will make them give them every
thing you need.
Everything I need, plus some other fun stuff we can
Eh, some things, I don't want to carry too much.
I am prepared for anything, so I pack everything I

You arrive there and you knock on the door. Rob answers what do you do?

Say, "Hi." and walk in calmly.
Give an evil smile and push Rob out of the way.
Rudely say, "Move!" And make you way in.
Say, "Hey, Rob!" Shake his hand walk in, smiling.
Smile and take the door from him politely.
Smile and say, "Hi." And walk in excitedly.

You get inside and Vikk, Mitch, Jerome, and Preston tackle you while Lachlan shoots you with a nerf gun.
What do you do?

Get the chainsaw! The fun is only starting! *Evil grin*
Grab a pillow and fight right back!
Throw a fit and make them get off of you.
Steal Lachlan's nerf gun and shoot them!
Simply get up and walk over to the couch and forget
what they just did to me.
Throw them off of you and tackle them!

When you all get calmed down you watch a movie.
Who do you sit next to?


You sit next to him and in the more romantic part of the movie he kisses you.
What do you do?
*No one notices*

Kiss back!
Push him away.
Eww! No!
Hit him with my pillow filled of rocks. That will teach
Smile and enjoy the moment!
Do it a little and then stop.

The movie is over and you are bored. Then you decide to play truth or dare. Preston dares you to kiss Vikk. Will you do it.

No! Never! Yuck!
Attempt to kiss him then hit him with the pillow full of
rocks. *Evil smile*
Kiss him just for the fun of it.
Oh my god! Yes! I love him!
Umm... no.
Eh, why not?

You all go to sleep after that and in the morning you and Jerome make breakfast. You make pancakes.
How do make them?

With cool shapes!
Lots of syrup!
With everyone's favorite toppings!
Very sloppy.

It is time to leave. What do you do?

Say good bye and leave.
Cry your eyes out.
Give everyone hugs, thank them and say goodbye.
Say goodbye and wait for the very last minute to
Hang out a bit then leave after.
Say, "Hope you guys enjoyed your torment!" *Evil
laugh* and leave.