Are you a HOMO?

Have you ever wondered if you're a homsexual? Well, a real gay is here to provide you with some knowledge.

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Have you ever thought about having the frick frack with the opposite gender/genderqueer person?

Like every day, tbh.
Sometimes, but idk.
No, not really.
LMAO. Yes.
Bruh. //Bruh//.

@Girls: Do you ever think, "That's a nice boober"?
@Boys: Do you ever think "Wowza nice dong"?
@All: Do you ever think "Wow that person is genderqueer and BAE".

Oh yes. The dong/boobers/genderqueer person just TICKLES my JIMMIES.
That me -_-
Uhhh. No? What to heck.
I mean, the dong/boober/genderqueer person is pretty nice ngl.
Sometimes I look at the dong/boober/genderqueer and think of the sunglasses emoji and say "Bruuuh" in an approving way.

About how many times do you think about how pretty/hot/cute/adorbs the opposite gender/genderqueer people are?

Like, none. Not a single time.
Many time. That is ALL I think about. Let's be real. Also, sometimes I think of pizza and Netflix.
I think that a lot about my boyfriend/girlfriend/genderqueer relationship partner.
Maybe sometimes. I mean, that boy/girl/genderqueer person in my math class is pretty A+.
A lot, man. everyone has skeletons inside of them and mmm. That stuff, I like that stuff.

What is your favorite animal? This is irrelevant, but why to heck not?

My fallen enemies. ;^)

Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea?

Who dat, who dat? I-G-G-Y.
Queen Nicki, preach forever, ily gurl.
I'm not really into either, so, no answer.
I don't listen to them but, Nicki Minaj.
I don't listen to them but, Iggy Azalea.

Is Beyonce a goddess?

YAAS. I celebrated her birthday all out. YOU GO BEY. WE LOVE YOU.
Idk. I like Beyonce, though.
Beyonce is our Lord and Savior, ngl.
Beyonce is great but I think of her as a queen, not a goddess.
Beyonce is flawless.