What kind of personality do you have?

Figure out what kind of personality you have by taking this quiz! Comment what you got below!

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What is your favorite color?

A relaxing color like blue!
A bright color like yellow!

What would you like to do in the spare time?

Read books!
Go outside!
Watch T.V!
Talk to my friends!

What is your favorite food?

Something healthy like an apple!
Anything refreshing like like water!
Milk and cookies!
I don't know I like lots of foods!

What is your favorite animal?

A furry animal like a koala!
A dog because if I had one I could run outside with it!
A parrot because they are fun to draw!
An owl because they are really smart!
A cute little kitten!
A chameleon because it changes color!
A fast eagle!
A dolphin!
A deer!
A giraffe!

If you could go anywhere for a vacation for a week where would you go?

A relaxing beach!
In a place where they have a sports center near by!
Inn a place where there is lots of scenery so I could draw a lot!
In a big city!
In a place where there is a library near by!

If you had a super power what would it be?

To run super fast!
To be able to draw anything perfectly!
To be super smart!
To be able to fly!
To be able to lift heavy things!

What is your favorite flower?

A beautiful rose!
A sunflower because the point to the way where the sun is shining!
A tulip!
A daisy!
I don't know!