What Season Are You? (7)

What Season Are You? (7)

Okay, yes, I know I already made a "What Season Are You?" quiz, but I just felt like making another one.

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If you could paint your room any color, what would it be?

Blue or white
Lime green or lavender
Yellow or pink
Orange or red

What animal fits your personality the most?

An eagle
A rabbit
A dolphin
A wolf

Which one of these outfits would you rather wear?

Jeans, heeled boots, and a sweater
A tank-top and shorts
Leggings and a graphic tee
Sweatpants, boots, and a sweatshirt

What weather would you rather have?

Freezing cold
Hot and humid

It's Halloween time! What costume do you pick?

Something scary, like a zombie
Something cute, like a flower
Something fun, like a Disney character
Something wild, like a robot

What food sounds the most delicious?

Apple pie

What's your favorite sport?


When you get home from school, what's the first thing you do?

Watch TV
Play outside
Call my friend

When you wake up on a Saturday morning, what's the first thing you do?

I don't wake up in the morning on Saturday... I sleep in
Eat breakfast and take a walk
Text my friend and invite him/her over
Read, write, or draw

What's your favorite holiday?

Summer vacation

What would you love to get as a birthday present?

Paints and an easel
A laptop or iPhone
Fun games
Comfy clothes

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Ignorant people
When too many people talk to me at once
When I'm bored
When my friends aren't available