What season are you? (5)

What season are you? (5)

This is a wonderful quiz that will tell you what season you are! (it says I need a few more words)

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What's your favorite movie?

The Little Mermaid
The Simpsons

Favorite color?

Burnt crimson, pumpkin orange, sunset yellow, burnt sienna, crisp apple pie.
Icy blue, azure, cerulean, stunning white, and electric blue.
Lavender, pastel pink, baby blue, and cherry red.
Sunny yellow, mossy green, and hot pink.

What about favorite food?

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, peppermint, caramel, and gingerbread cookies on the side.
Pumpkin pie, stuffing, apple cider, and cranberry sauce.
M&M's, Smarties, coconut, watermelon, and strawberries.
Lemonade, with fresh lemons, just the right amount of sugar, and an umbrella.

Your house is on fire. What do you grab?

Lots of food, clothes, and shoes.
My stuffed turtle from my late grandma, my cat, and a book.
I help my sister/brother/mom/dad/grandpa/grandma/aunt/uncle/cousin carry their stuff.
My special quilt, a comic book, and rope.

What is your preferred outfit?

A midnight blue sweater, suede boots, jeans, and a light blue jacket.
My hot pink tank top, yellow shorts, green sandals, and a blue ponytail holder.
A windbreaker, lavender shirt, and khakis, with green sneakers.
A blue sweatshirt, green sweatpants, and white socks.

Pick a design.

White snowflake, with silver designs on the edges and blue patterns.
A sunflower yellow sun, with a happy face and lots of rays.
A purple crocus, lightly poking out from underneath the slush.
A burnt sienna maple leaf, with pumpkin orange and crimson pine needles behind it.

Favorite topping?

Maple syrup. Oh, that gooey taste and sweet maple sugar.
Coconut. Oh, that beautiful powdery texture coating my tongue.
Raspberries. Oh, the tartness and sweetness of them at the same time overwhelms me with deliciousness.
Crushed peppermint. Oh, the minty taste gives me a slight chill, but at the same time is amazing.

We're done here. Any comments?

Thank you.
This was a wonderful quiz!
Cool quiz! I'm going to make a "What season are you?" quiz now!
Er. I'm gonna do something else for a while. *closes computer and walks away*

Wait! I'm not done yet! What holiday is your favorite, and why?

Thanksgiving, because it lets me tell my family how much I appreciate them.
Easter, because I get candy!
Christmas, because I finally get to see my relatives that live far away!
My birthday! Duh!

Dream job?

Athlete or dancer. I love to move.
Model or actress. I am dramatic and g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!
Doctor or fireman. I love to help people in need.
Artist or author. I like to create things.

Favorite element?


What's your worst quality?

I can brag or boast a lot.
Sometimes, I disrespect my parents, but I apologize immediately afterwards.
I break rules, at school or at home. Don't tell!
I have a really, really short temper.