How much do you know our universe?

How much do you know our universe?

You think you know how the universe works? well how about you find out.

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could a frying pan kill a star

no, you can't kill a star
yes the iron in the pan would absorb all of the stars energy and the star would explode

what is the point of no return on a black hole

they don't exist
the event herizon
whats that

what was the first war ever?

anti matter vs. matter, matter won, that is why we're alive
i dunno

what is an ion thruster (they are from star wars and we are developing them two but what are they

a thruster obviously
anion thruster is a rocket that uses ion particles/light to move, they are very fast, faster than fusion engines
whater does

how old is the universe

a long time
13.2 billion years old

What is H3

it's what stars use as there starter molecule to fuse and will soon be used for fusion engines which can get you to the moon
in less than an hour, and you don't have to refuel for thousands of years
a molecule

When will the galaxy Andromeda run into the milky way?

Whats that?
4 billion years
Galaxies don't move or crash

what are the three things a star can turn into when they die, besides black holes

Pulsar, magnetar, white dwarf
stars die?
white dwarfs and thats it

which one is an actual galaxy

i dunno

what is at the center of our galaxy, the milky way

whats the milky way?
a super massive black hole
stars, and radiation

What is a failed star?

stars don't fail
a star that began but never sparked to life, they are mostly black with red stripes on the surace