how many kids will you have, (names personalities and looks?)

i will tell you how many kids you will have, at what age where they where born, what their b-day is, their names, their looks and their personalities

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you loose your kid at the park what do you do?

call their name/s dont rest till you find them
they will come home when they are hungry

your kid is getting bullies what do you do?

march up to the school go to the princepals office and get them expelled
homeschool them
they can sort themself out

your kid is bullying others what do you do?

ground them
leave them to it its their life, and the kids that they are bullying can sort it out
tell them to apolagise

your going out one night without you kid/s what do you do

call the babysitter
leave them alone
i wouldnt leave the house without them

your kid dropped out of school what do you do?

get them back in
let them its their life
their home schooled remember?

your kid gets a tatoo

get them surgery right away to remove it
let them keep it
get them to cove it up so no one knows