Severus or Sirius?

Severus or Sirius?

There are many similarities between Severus Snape and Sirius Black, arguably the most tragic characters in the Potter series (both born into an abusive environment, both channel their anger destructively, both (platonically) in love with a Potter). Why not take this quiz to find out which one you are more like? And it goes without saying I went a bit further than your hair is a) sexy, b) greasy. Which means it might be too far-fetched and all according to my interpretation. Oh yeah, and there are two more characters you can get. Secret options.

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You wake up one morning and realize you have turned into a giant repulsive insect overnight. What do you think is the reason?

Someone did this to you, people are always conspiring against you.
Your bad actions from the past have finally caught up with you.
This looks like a test of some kind.
You must've caused this yourself somehow, was that some kind of a bet?

Are you happy with yourself?

You would be overjoyed with yourself, but fate plays cruel tricks on you. You take it out on others sometimes.
You'll never be happy with yourself because other people you know have more - more love, more power, better looks ...
You suffer from crippling self-doubt, but strive to stick to your life's creed. You don't live for others to judge you, after all.
Yes, you act in a way that makes you happy with yourself, at the end of the day. Life has taught you how to appreciate yourself.

You enlist in the army with the vision of bravely defending your country, but end up being forced to run a concentration camp where innocent people are forced to labor and die in inhumane conditions. You

Use your position to help a couple of prisoners here and there to escape.
Refuse to follow your orders under pain of death.
Follow your orders.
Shoot yourself because there's no winning in this situation.

You are charged with the protection of a princess and in the process of protecting her, you fall in love with her and feel you have finally found your soulmate. But, alas, then the wise wizard comes and tells you that you were protecting her all this time only so she can be fed to the dragon. It's the only way to appease the dragon and have him fly away and not destroy the whole kingdom.

First of all, you try to force the wise wizard to help you find another way to get out of this situation. There is none, so you kill him in a fit of rage. You escape with the Princess but when the dragon begins his rampage, you turn back and accompany the Princess to her necessary death.
You lead the princess to her death, but as the dragon swoops in to eat her, you try to reason with him You fail. So you try to fight him and die a hero, along with the princess.
You sacrifice the princess to the dragon and become known as the Savior of the Day. Dozens of other princesses throw themselves at you.
You tell the wizard you will go through with the sacrifice, but then secretly abduct the princess and take her out of her kingdom, which is now being turned into a wasteland of corpses by the dragon, so she can start a new life with you elsewhere.

You are a genius with extreme talent for medicine. What do you do with your life?

You apply to medical school, but barely finish because although you have it all, you just ain't all that into studying. You become an assistant medical worker in the army and spend your life rushing into combat zones to bring back the wounded.
You do some well-paid, but not very useful humanity-wise, research for a pharmaceutical company, earning fame and money. You retire at the age of 35 and spend the rest of your life in luxury.
You do some well-paid research for a pharmaceutical company and use the earnings to establish your own laboratory for research and prevention of viruses plaguing 3rd world countries. You earn a Nobel Prize.
You go into research, but quickly grow disaffected with the rotten practices of pharmaceutical companies which seem to control everything. You spend the rest of your life in a Buddhist monastery.

You and a group of your subordinates are captures by a cyclops. Every night, the cyclops picks one human from your group and eats them. You -

Order your subordinates to go one by one until you come up with an idea how to escape.
Scream and attack the cyclops when he comes for his meal, hoping your comrades join you.
Volunteer to go first, it will work out .... somehow.
Fight for a spot in the corner so he doesn't pick you.

You run a rescue cat shelter in your home. Besides all the cats you rescue from the street and then send off to a new home, you have Mitzy, a white deaf cat with blue eyes, who's been with you forever. One day, your house catches on fire. Mitzy is in a different room than the other cats and you have to choose:

You save the other cats (there's twelve of them).
You grab Mitzy and run.
You throw Mitzy out the window, taking the risk to fatally injure her, and then run for the other cats, almost suffocating in the process.
Hello? Your house is on effing fire, you don't go around saving cats and get the hell out of there lest you suffocate.

Due to lack of job opportunities, you are forced to accompany a psychotic, monomaniacal captain on a hunt after a rare type of albino whale. What is your opinion about the situation?

You only do it for the money.
Sea, harpoons, death - it's an adventure!
Well, since you're onboard, you might as well go with it, without overthinking it too much.
There must be *something* about the whale that makes him want it so much.

You find yourself trapped in a spaceship somewhere in the depth of the universe, but you're not alone, there's an alien hostile creature with you. Your course of action would be:

Equip the most lethal weaponry and confront the bastard head on.
Lock yourself in the hibernation pod and go to sleep, hoping to be rescued. You CANNOT face this.
Hack into the ships control systems and try to trap the alien somewhere while you stay safely out of harm.
Carefully explore the ship - maybe you will come across something or some way to get rid off the creature.

You're a rich white man living in Victorian London. The whole world is at your command, you have the fanciest top hat of them all and a house full of servants. But, you're in love with another man.

You tell the rich woman you're marrying the truth about yourself and keep your fingers crossed for her continued tolerance.
You marry a rich woman and meet with your lover in secret.
You abandon your life of luxury and go live with your lover, in spite of society shunning you.
You marry a rich woman and don't allow any possibility of blackmail to mar your life of luxury.