Which Mamonian Goddess are You?

Which Mamonian Goddess are You?

The quiz does not include every Mamonian goddess as an result, there are way too many to choose from, but it does include my favourite four. This quiz is made by a real Mamonian.

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Choose a time of year.

When the winter’s snow is first beginning to
melt. Everything is crisp and sharp and flowing
with life. The energy of spring is waiting to
In the middle of the winter, when everything is
covered with a blanket of snow, and it feels so
right, it feels so peaceful. You feel so alive.
The beginning of autumn when all the trees
are burning warm with colours and the last of
the summer’s heat still coats the winds as they
The height of summer when the sun is blazing
down on you with scorching rays that seem to
melt your insides and burn your skin.

Choose a time of day.

The end of twilight, when the sky is almost
dark, but not quite. When all the clouds are a
deep, electric blue and the people are winding
down for the day, coming together after all the
harsh work of the day. There are stories in the
blue of this sky. Stories that are about to be
The time right before the sun starts to rise,
when the world feels liminal, when everything
feels as if it’s awaiting the new day and all of
the new experiences it will bring. When the
silence carries promise in it. And there is a
sense of defiant, terrifying freedom in the air.
The darkness of the night just before people
are about to go to sleep. Everyone is together,
everyone is at rest, mothers hold their children
and siblings whisper softly to each other. The
night shields everyone from the harshness of
the day with the softness of its dark.
The morning, right after the sun is finished
rising, where everything is sharp and crisp and
full of new life and new energy. It’s bright, and
you can see everything. But there is still a
softness to the brightness. A softness that
takes off the hardest edges of the world.

Choose a type of weather.

The first snow of winter. Snowflakes coming
down to turn the world white. The cold that is
warm in its own strange way. The world
becomes so soft. So bright. So calm. So
The dark, cloudy windstorm that sweeps
through your hair and almost takes you off of
your feet. The rage and the power held inside
the rolling sky. The strength held in the wind.
The rainstorm, when all the world is in a
strange, liminal time. The energy and the
healing in the cascading torrent of droplets.
How it washes everything clean and brings life
to the earth.
A bright, sunny day. So bright and so sunny
that the world seems to be glowing. The light
seems to almost be burning. But somehow, it
isn’t hot. The sun’s rays penetrate through the
darkest of cities.

Choose a promise.

I promise I will always put your needs ahead of
my own, and I will do whatever is necessary
for me to do in order to make you rise. I will
give you all I can.
I promise that you will find a place where you
can be free, where you can be at peace, where
you can be held and regarded as the person
you are.
I will love you forever and ever, no matter how
far we are parted or how much we are put
through. I will always try my best to bring you
whatever peace and joy I can.
I will always remember you, and I will always
long for you, no matter how far we are parted
or how long we are parted for. I will do my best
to return to you.

Why are you crying?

Because it hurts. The way they are treating
you hurts so much. All they have taken from
you hurt so much. They have taken a piece of
your soul. And they expect you now to live
without it.
Because it’s not fair. Everything that they are
telling you to do, to accept, to be, it’s all not
fair. The world burns and you conscience burns
along with it. Burns you down to ashes.
Because it’s never enough. Everything that you
do for everyone who comes to you for love, for
help, for support, it’s all not ever enough. You
are swamped with sorrow and anger.
Because there are so many people who are
depending on you and you don’t know if you’ll
ever be enough for them, you don’t know if
you’re strong enough to be what they need
you to be.

Why are you fighting?

For revenge against all the times they have
hurt anyone that you loved. Revenge for all the
times they made it so you couldn’t help them.
Revenge for all the pain you’ve had to see
people endure. Revenge for all the heartbreak
they have put you through. All the grief and
the loss. And for hope. Hope for a better world.
Because there are so, so many people
throughout your life who wanted you to be
free. Who wanted you to be free but couldn’t
set you free. And now that you are free, you
have to honour them, and you have to honour
all the ways that they helped you, by fighting
for the freedom of all the people who are in
You fight because you have seen all the loss
that this world has caused you and your people
to go through. You fight because to stand and
fight, that is a way to reclaim your power. It is
a way for all of your people to reclaim their
power. And it is a way to bring about a better
world for all the generations who will live after
You fight because of all the injustice and the
inequality that festers through everything. You
fight to bring justice, to uplift all the people
who are held down by the world’s cruel boot.
You fight because you are indebted to the
people forever, and you owe them your
strength and your rage and your hate. You owe
them your courage.

Why are you laughing?

Because your friends told you a resentful,
defiant, snark-fuelled joke about the people
you have been told by society to hold up as an
You laugh because your people are all gathered
together. They are all gathered together and
they are finding strength in themselves and
each other.
You laugh because you can see how hard they
are trying. How hard they are trying to make
you feel better. And for the moment, you feel a
bit seen.
You laugh because your people are all around
you. They are all together. That means that
they can begin to undo a bit of the damage to
their hearts.

Why are you dreaming?

It’s my duty.
My people need me to.
My people want me to.
The evil forces want me to stop.

What do you doubt yourself for?

Your power seems so limited right now. You
cannot stop the destruction the damage and
the hurt that rips through all of the people. You
cannot stop the sources that wound all of their
souls. You can only offer your compassion. And
it’s something invaluable. But it’s not enough.
You have so, so much to do for all the people.
You have so many obligations. And your heart
yearns to fulfill them all but you don’t know if
you can. You don’t know if you’re enough. You
don’t know if the strength within you is enough
to take on all the harshness of this world.
It’s so much easier to not care. It’s so much
easier to put your own needs first. It’s so much
easier to not fight, to not hurt, to not sacrifice.
But you have to fight, to hurt, to sacrifice. You
wonder if you’ll take the easy way out. You
wonder if you’ll run when faced with blood.
The people who hurt you make you believe
that you’re nothing. They make you believe
that you are less. That you deserve less. That
you’re not a person. It’s so very hard to fight
against all their cruelty and their messages.
You internalize it. And it haunts each step you

What’s building up inside you?


Pick a plant.

A willow tree that shades and shields all that
come into the protection of its branches.
A rowdy weed that grows where it’s not
supposed to, grows strong and vibrant.
A flower that grows after the rainstorm hits the
ashes in the forest, heralding new life.
A palm tree that blows this way and that in the
wind but always keeps standing no matter

Pick a way to die.

On the battlefield protecting what you love.
And the future.
For the sake of the people who are hurting. To
help them.
Avenging every wrongdoing done against your
In the arms of those who love you and long for

Whose arms would you run into?

Your parents you’ve missed so much for so
Your boyfriend who’s always been there for
Your mother who helped you shoulder your
Your best friend who has always been so kind.

Pick a moment.

Cutting open the palm of your hand and letting
the blood drip into the fire as you seal your
promise to the great God and Their children.
Sitting on the ground with a stranger, both of
you crying as you struggle to form words to
each other. You hold hands and sit close.
Your parents hugging you, tears in their eyes,
promising that they will always remember you
and pray for you and wish for your happiness.
Your mother telling you that she believes in
you and she knows that you can do it. Telling
you she’s proud of the girl you became.

Pick a line in the following poem:

Little girl
Raven black hair
Whirlwind dark eyes
What's your name darling?
What's behind those darkened eyes?
Loam and rain and riverwater and autumn leaves
You're in pain
Turn it to power
You are a prophetess
You're a warrior and a queen
In the sting of night and the burn of day
Forge your weapons in the fires of rage and change
The day will come when we pull ourselves out of the pit by our fingernails
Make them finally
finally, finally

Forge your weapons in the fires of rage and
The day will come when we pull ourselves out
of the pit by our fingernails
Loam and rain and riverwater and autumn
What's behind those darkened eyes?

Which do you want to be?

The wolf’s paws that tread silently through the
The wolf’s howl that is terrible and tremendous
for all.
The wolf’s sharp teeth that rip through the
human hunter.
The wolf’s courage to stand against the
human’s weapons.