how tender are you?

how tender are you?

goths, gays, girls, i know you've been wondering- how tender am i in my day to day life? take this sexy little diddy of a quiz to find out ;)

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so..... you gay? :)

im a hettie :/
yes :)
YES :)

so.... i picture it soft & i ache.

ffufuckk..... i Do..... thank you mitski for your beautiful prosewords....
sometimes :) i have a job too you know :)
ffuck you

have you ever filled up pages in your journal just gushin about that good good person in your life?

maybe a little :3
i dont have a journal :/ art is for wimps and i dont feel
absolutely..... :)

what is best?

sex (im horny and cool ) (just kidding sex can be tender too . this is just a funny joke)
h*lding h*nds (uuwuewhuuwheuhuu..... blush)
i cannot fathom any sort of affection without dying (of good things), thanks!
c*ddling (Pfuck. fuvkcvj)
rubbin g your thumb on the back of their hand in small comforting circles to remind them that you are there and everything is okay

how often do you think of h-h-h-h*lding hands.......

All O f the Phucking time,
occasionally............ ;)
whenever i think of holding hands i cannot function . Please help.

ever thought of picking flowers and putting them in your s/o's hair?

Funk . i m going to pass out. this is too much for my soft liddle heart.
i'd eat the flowers i think :/

have you ever bbrushed someone's hand before and then imagined the life you two would have togther with pets and breakfasts and a little cottage in the woods and maybe a farm, at least a strawberry patch, and soft good morning kisses every day of your life?

thiis is a callout post please do not @ me! :(
nah (i imagine cool shadow the hedgehog saying this with sunglasses or something)

sooooooo... predatory wasp .... of the palisades.... is out to get us ....;)

it is isnt it...
WE WERE IN LOVE...................................... PALIISADES PALISDAES I CAN WAIT I CAN WAIT :(

what utensil do you connect most with emotionally?


favorite part of a s'more?

gra ham crackers, babe!
choglate :)
marshed mallowz