would fedoratale sans like you (as a friend wierdos)

this is very descriptive and i hope it describes what this description can describe using descriptors

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someone tries to take YOUR belongings, what do you do

i would give them some free stuff, ive got enough
i would make sure they SEVERELY regret their, IDIOTIC decision
ill let them get away this time, but next time, they are in huge trouble

you hear that someone is planning on attacking you

let them in, we can have a talk about why they shouldnt attack people
i have people to deal with them, but if they somehow get to me, they are going to have a terrible time
ill have someone stop them, they shouldnt attack me, im too important

someone attacks your brother (or anyone else who loves you)

they can deal with it themselves, i have my own life to worry about, and if they die, theyre weak anyway so they deserved it
of course help them, i care about them!
ill make sure they dont die, but im not going out of my way to save them

what way would you attack your enemy that tries to kill you every moment

i shouldn't attack people if they are not attacking me
i would make sure they get injured, so they dont even think about attacking me again
i would send all my strongest people and make sure them and theyre families are brutally murdered

what do you think about strong, manipulative, murderous, evil skeletons

i love them!
they are pretty ok, i would be ones friend, i guess
they are the strongest monsters in the world, they can take on any enemies and murder as many people as they want