Would the Troubled Twins (Half Mask and Red Killer) kill you?

It's in the damn title. Need I say more. I hate the requirement thingy.

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Everyone's favorite tiger-chan is here! Today the twins will ask you questions. The other CP's might pop in. Anyway, please welcome... The Troubled Twins!
Half Mask: Lily, shut up. You're to dramatic. *looks around* Cory......? Cory. CORY, WHERE ARE YOU!?
Red Killer: Jesus f***ing christ, stop yelling!
Me: *in a corner* Fine, ignore the questionaire then. I guess you don't wanna kill anyone if you hate them.

Aw, h*ll, naw!
Yeah, Why am I taking this quiz again.
(Me: f*ck you, bitch!)
Uh. Wut?
^what they said.

Half Mask: I wanna stab a bitch! (So enthusiastic)
Me: Ask a question then!
Half Mask : Is Jeff a little shit?
Jeff: *came out of a closet literally* FITE MEH, SHORTASS!
Half Mask: Gladly!
Me: *trying to keep them from fighting* NO FIGHTING!

YESH. But in a good way.
No. He is a sexy beast.
He's my buddy ol pal. So yes and no.
You're all gross!

Jeff: gee, t h a n k s.
Me: Red Killer, your turn.
RK: t h a n k s, um, what do you think about our story.

I love it. So far.
Eh. I like RK's POV.
I like Half Mask's POV
No. I hate you two!
RK: can i stab a b*tch!?
No, creepypasta sucks. Swallows. Spits.
And SH*TS!

Me: Luci, stahp fighting Jeff and ask a question.
HM: Opinion on our fellow proxies?

They are gay f*ckboys
All proxies: Better take that back b*itch.
I don't like them in particular.
They are cooler then Jeff.
I like 'em
I only like you two.

Me: Hmm... RK ask something useful.
RK: You sayin' my questions are useless?
Me: No.
RK: Okay, um... I can't think of anything.
*Jeff pops in*
Jeff: Are the twins useless?
Twins: B*ITCH!

Aren't you all?
Half Mask is.
Red Killer is.

Ej: Kidneys?

H*** NO, B*TCH!

Me: Now I'll ask an ending question... why? The twins are trying to kill Jeff again... now Jane is too... Anyway, Did you enjoy this?
Your Answer Here.
Me: okay, by!


BEN: You shouldn't have done that.

Oh, I did it!
Halp! *slendy appears with a spray bottle*
Slendy: BAD BEN, BAD