Are you a good friend? (10)

Let's see if you are a good friend. Don't worry if you don't, this quiz can't be very accurate but if you get a bad one then try to improve :)

published on December 25, 201434 responses 13 4.8★ / 5

You see a person getting bullied but your friend tells you to move along, what do you do?

I don't want to upset your friend so you ignore the fight.
Tell your friend that the right thing to do is help.
Think about it, know that the right thing is to help but you go with your friend and fell guilty.

For your Birthday you get a present and open it. Inside is a shirt: it doesn't fit, you don't like what's on it and you think it smells weird. What do you say to the person that gave it to you?

Say thanks but return it afterwards.
Tell them that it's not your style but thank them anyway.
Smile and move on.
EW! What's wrong with you? I haaate it!
Give it to a Charity Shop!
Hand it back to them for their Birthday...

Your friend really likes someone, but you know that they're mean and does bad things. What do you tell your friend?

To be honest I... think you guys will make a GREAT couple!
Try to convince them that they're maybe not their type, nicely so you don't hurt their feelings...
Leave it be, what you do can hurt your friendship- Badly!

Your friend turned a different style and you really don't like it, what do you do?

Well if they want to be like that let them, they might not like your style either!
Tell them that if they don't change you will not be friends with them.
Let them be like that but stay clear of anything bad about it.

Your friend embarrasses them infront your whole school, what do you do?

Leave them, not my problem.
Cheer them up and make them smile!
Get them to think that everything that happened wasn't that bad!