Which girl are you in the group?

It's like you're in a group of friends and sometimes there are types of girls, like where you are labled as a type. What type of girl are you of your friends? I did it in speak form but I didn't put the quotation marks.

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Which girl are you in the group?
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If someone called your friend a mean name you would...

Go beat them up. Obviously!
Say that isn't nice and please say sorry.
Well why would you call her that?
Well you aren't very pretty today because a ugly personality is a ugly look.
Ha, well say that to a mirror and then you'd be telling the truth.
Well I think we should talk this through.
Hey this is life you you have to stand up for yourself if you want to be strong.

Your friend doesn't look very good today, you...

I think you should where this instead.
Oh...um.. I think you should go see the stylish girl.
You don"t look very well today, did you wake up late?
Gosh, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today or what?!
Oh I don't think that would go together but it's your life.
People are going to laugh at you, you should go change.
Eww, here let me help you with your outfit, that just isn't working on you.

Prom is coming and you...

Hey prom is coming, what are you guys going to do?
Prom is near and so I think we should make a plan.
I think we should dress nice but not too revealent. So our parents don't yell at us.
We should help pick each-others dresses out if we're going. If some aren't then we can get together.
I probably won't get a date but hey more me and lady time!
Well I'll just wait for someone to ask me, if not I will draw you guys pictures. :)
Let me do your guys' makeup!!! Please!!!

Your friend has a crush, you...

Calmly ask if you want to tell her crush that she like him.
Go up to him and tell him that she has a crush on him.
He probably will say no because most teenage boys are childish.
I think you should just go up and tell him, or send him note.
You have to make him have the hots for you. Get all dressed up and stuff.
I think you should do what you want to.
Ha, he will probably just run away from us.

Your friend asks for advice, you..

Go ask the "parent".
Oh, well I think BLAH BLAH BLAH but that is what I think.
Well here is the truth..
Give your honest opinion.
I think that if you are always stylish you should be fine in life.
Do I look like a genius?!
I think you should BLAH BLAH BLAH, that would be most appropriate in this situation.

Your friend is on her period and needs comfort, you...

I could draw you a picture or something.
Well I heard that heating pads help.
Watch a period youtube video, that's what I do.
Well that's life, so get over it! Every girl gets one eventually.
Give her a hug, you can ask me anything.
Don't wear white!!!
If must be a bloody river down there!

It's the end of the quiz!

No!!! Well if you ever need help, give me a call.
Okay, talk to you later then.
If you ever can't decide on an outfit, come to me.
See you.. like never! JK, maybe.
Bye bye.
Okay well, we can always make a time time and meet later.
We probably won't see each-other, well "type" to each-other, unless I subscribe or this is a popular