What do I think of you? (3)

What do I think of you? (3)

Just for fun,i want to see what I think of you guys,do I have a crush on you,or we can be friends,or I don't like you,stuff like that. Enjoy

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Me: So.... Do you like me? That's the question. And I'm a girl that's all I'm telling you.

I love you
Me: Huh? What? We haven't even met! What
the heck!!!!
Me: really?
Me: Okay
No way your ugly.
Me: D: Ok dude your gonna get on my nerves and I'm gonna turn into a Yandere.

Do you like Yandere Simulator or is it not appropriate for your age?

It's not appropriate for my age.
Me: Okay,i understand. :)
Yea it's awesome dude.
Me: Awesome!
No I hate Yandere Simulator.
Me: Dont-123456789.... Counting calms me down.
Me: Okay...

Me: Okay,whats your favourite colour?

Blue,pink,purple,and red.
Blonde,brown,black,anx yellow.

Me: Do you like creepypasta?

Yeah of course.
Me: Yay!
Dude... Creepypasta is like life.
Me: Omg!!!! I like you already!!!!
No it sucks.
Me: You suck. ;--;
No... Sorry,its not appropriate for my age.
Me: Okay! :)

Me: Raid your hand ispf you love drawing!!!!!!!!! *Raises hand up*

Omg!!! *Raises hand up*
Me: *Raises hand up and waves madly*
Em yea sure
Me: Drawing is life dude!!!!!
No.. sorry
Me: it's okay.
No it sucks like crazy and you suck too.
Me: Shut up *Gets machete out*

Me: Okay,last question,do you love my guts or hate my guts?

I hate your guts.
Me: Your guts as worst.
I just don't like you...
Me: it's okay.
I love your guts,and we and you meant to be together forever.
Me: Um now your going crazy.