What amusement park ride is best for you?

What amusement park ride is best for you?

Figure out what amusement park ride is best for you! Have fun while taking this quiz!

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You are playing a vedio game. What difficulty do you usually play?

Medium I don't want it to be to easy but I
don't want it to be too hard...
Hard! I want a challenge!
Um... I play which ever difficulty I am the
best at and it is the best (in my opinion)

What season is your favourite?

Summer! I do lots of swimming in summer!
Spring! It is the perfect weather to run
Fall! I like to Jump in the leaves!
Winter! I like to stay inside near a fireplace
drinking hot chocolate!

if you could have a pet what would it be?

A cat! They are very relaxed and not as hyper
as dogs!
A gerbil! I like to see them spin around in
there spinning wheel thingy!
A dog! There are very hyper and I could run
with them!
A fish! There a water animal! How cool is

How often do you go to amusement parks?

5 times a year!
3 times a year!
2 times a year!
Only once a year!

If you could have a super power what would it be?

To be super fast!
To teleport!
To breathe under water!
To fly!

What personality most describes you?

Shy and kind!
Happy and energetic!
Outgoing and creative!
Smart and caring!

What is your favourite fruit?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! So, Apples!
Something soft like a peach!
A watermelon!

Your best friend is moving away! What do you do?

Try to act calm and ask questions about why they are moving.
Cry! He/she is your best friend!
Figure out a way to change the decision of the move!
Try to seem calm so they don't feel bad that they are moving.

You where absent for a week at school. When you come back there is a test on what the students learned on the week that you where away. There is a supply teacher when you get the test so she does not know that you where away. You take the test but you get a bad mark. What do you do?

Ignore it. It is just one test I probably will not matter on your final grade.
Tell the teacher that you where away and beg that she teaches it to you and you redo
the test.
Ask a friend about what you should do.
Tell your family the situation.

If you could wish for one item what would you wish for?

New running shoes or a treadmill!
A book or a manga!
A new floating thing (for the pool) or a pool!
A new soft blanket or a pet bunny!