What is your style? (Boys only; sorry girls!)

What is your style? (Boys only; sorry girls!)

You boys out there saw the quizzes I made especially for girls, right? Well, now you get the chance to take one of your own!

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It's your birthday and your family is going to the mall on a special shopping trip for you. What do you take with you to entertain yourself on the trips there and back?

Textbooks, a notebook, and a pencil
I'm comfortable just looking out the window
My phone, iPad, iPod, tablet, Kindle... you get the picture
A book
I can entertain myself with anything around

Your parents say they'll let you pick any way of transportation to get to and from the mall. What do you pick?

We can just walk
A van or truck
A limo or motorcycle
I'm fine just taking the car
We'll bike

You get to the mall and your parents give you $500 to spend on anything you want. What do you buy first?

More textbooks, graph paper, or notebooks
Funny pranks for me and my friends to play on our families
Metal studs or some cool sunglasses
The newest book in my favorite series
Some new cleats - I've been needing them

You're just checking out when you see a bully from your school. What does he call you?

Nerd or teacher's pet
Flower child
I never get bullied
He knows to stay away from me - I'm big and strong and could easily beat him up

Your parents take you out for lunch after you finish at the mall. What do you order?

A sandwich or plain hamburger
Barbecued chicken, pork, steak, buffalo wings, ribs... anything meaty
Water and a salad
A sports drink and a cheeseburger

After lunch, your parents let you go do your favorite activity. What is it?

Running around in my yard barefooted
Vandalizing places
Shopping for books
Playing sports

You're tired and you get ready for bed. Your parents give you one last birthday present. You're overjoyed. What is it that can make you so happy?

A heartfelt card
A set of paints
Getting my ears/nose/belly-button/eyebrows pierced
A book I've been begging for
A soccer ball

You express your gratitude for the present and then you go to bed. What is your room like?

Clean and organized
Homey, with music playing
Messy and dark
Everything shoved under my bed
Incredibly messy, but bright

You fall asleep and wake up hours later. You're sweating and shaking. You just had a terrible dream. What was the nightmare?

Failing a test, wearing underpants to school, getting in trouble, or something else bad happening in class
Screaming, but no sound coming out; everyone ignores me
Being ridiculed or bullied
Having stage fright, running from the cops, or something else that draws attention to me
Being trapped somewhere and I can't move

Luckily, you manage to fall back asleep. This time, you have a good dream. When you wake up in the morning, you're happy about your dream. What happened in your good dream?

People praised me
I ran around in a meadow, carefree and with no worries
I ruled the world
Nothing; I just fell asleep and didn't have any more dreams
I won a sports game

You eat breakfast and get ready to go to school. What does your backpack look like?

It's a normal canvas bag or mailbag
It has tie dye on it
It's black with studs and skulls
It's dark blue with a matching lunchbox
Green, orange, blue, and white, with soccer ball designs on it

You get to school and have 10 minutes left before the bell rings. What do you do in those 10 minutes?

Read or study for the upcoming test
Sit at my desk and doodle
Hide in the bathroom and scare the little kids when they come in
I try to finish the homework I forgot to do last night
Run around the room and playfully wrestle with other people in my class

Lastly, what's your favorite animal?