Would we be friends? (17)

Take this quiz to know if you are anything like me. If you get a decent score, follow me if you would like to! I bet we would be good friends. If not, that is Ok.

published on April 19, 201634 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

What are your favorite websites?

YouTube, Qfeast, DeviantArt
Google, CoolMathGames
Wikipedia, Club Penguin
None, I hate the Internet

Do you like school?

Really like it
Like it
Hate it

What is your favorite movie out of the following?

Wreck It Ralph

What are your favorite video games out of the following?

Fruit Ninja, Super Smash Bros.
Tomodachi Life, Minecraft
White Tiles 4, Animal Crossing
I am not a gamer

Are you creative at all? Be honest!!!

Yeah! Very!!!
No. Not at all.

Favorite Season?


What do you want to get?

I wanna be your bestie, SmashPrincess!☺️☺️☺️ (Me:😀😀😀😄😄😄)
I want to be a good friend of yours. 😊 (Me: Glad to hear! 😊😊😊😀)
We could be OK friends, I guess.
(Me: Ok! 😌)
I hate you, I do NOT want to be your friend at all!!! 😡 (Me: 😓😰😢😭😪😓)

Do you think I am awesome?

Yessssssss!!!! Totally!
Yeah, you are.
You are Ok.
You are awful and stupid.

What is the most important trait to have in a close friend?

Loyalty, Kindness, Humor, and Creativity
Support, Fairness, and same interests
Talent, Humor, Sweetness, and style
Obedience, Sense of Style, and Popularity

If I were to tell you a secret, would you keep it?

Of course not!!! My lips are zipped!!!😇
Maybe one or two people.
Maybe like three to five people! I will tell them not to tell!
I would tell everybody I can!!!