Green Hill High ( Girls Only ) :) - Part 2

Guess what, since I was bored, I decided to continue this RP story EARLY! So, yeah it's pretty obvious that God is a Woman.

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Welcome back to Green Hill High! Let's start this story. Are you ready

Ready when you are! :)
Yeah, I'm ready
( Me: Bruh, calm down.. Did COVID-19 make you crazy or something )
I was BORN ready
( That's the spirit )
Wait, I didn't agree to t-
(Me: Wow.... jut.... wow.... )

Ok, so it's after-school. Amy and Sarah go up to you.
Amy: So, which club are you gonna be in, Y\n
You: What clubs are there
Sarah: Speed club, Robotics club, Love club, Fighting club, Edge club, and Futuristic club
You: All of those sound really amazing, but I think I'm gonna go with-
Which club do you wanna be in

Wait, is Sonic in any clubs
Amy: No
Sarah: Yeah, he's in the Speed club and fighting club
You: I'll join both
Amy: Really, Sarah
Sarah: * laughs *
I'll join Robotics club. I heard Tails is in it
Sarah and Amy: Ooooh, somebody has a crush...
You: Shut the fri-
Amy: Tails and Y\n, sitting in a tree
Sarah: K I S S I N G
Love and fighting 4 ever!
Amy: NICE! I'm in both of them! I'm even the president of the love club!
Sarah: * facepalms* I need new friends...
You'll find me in the fighting club and edge club
Sarah: Whoop whoop! I'm in both clubs and I'm the president of the fighting club!
* You and Sarah fist- bump *
You and Sarah: Edge 4 ever
I'm gonna join the Edge club. It seems more... my type...
Sarah: Well, I'm in it, and my boyfriend, Shadow, is the president of the club!
You: Wait, Shadow's your boyfriend
Amy: Yup, he's Sarah's boyfriend.
I would gladly join the Futuristic club, but I think Silver wasn't lying about the werewolves...
Sarah: No, it was an April Fool's
* Silver pops out of nowhere *
Silver: No, it wasn't. Y\n, just forget it. It's no use.
You: * laughs *
Sarah: Does anyone but you believe your lies
You and Silver: -o-

Amy: But seriously, I think Silver wasn't lying about the whole werewolves think
---: And he wasn't...
You girls turn around and see a pack of werewolves
Sarah: Who are you guys
Willa: I'm Willa, this is my brother Wyatt, and this is my best friend Wynter, and we are the werewolves
You: So, what are you here for...
Wyatt: For her... * points at Sarah *
Amy: Excuse me, but she fought a whole bunch of zombies BY herself, so WHY do you need her
Wynter: Our werewolf noses smell that Sarah's a werewolf...
OMG, are they being real here, how do you react

Sarah would never be a werewolf!
Willa: Are you sure about that
You: Yeah
Willa: Then why does her necklace look a lot like ours
Sarah: My dad said this stone was called a 'Moonstone', my mom gave it to me
Wynter: And that is WHY you're a werewolf!
Silver was right all along
Silver: See, I told you it wasn't an April Fool's!

Sarah would look at her necklace, it would shine bright by the presence of the other werewolves
Willa: Sarah, you are a werewolf.
Wyatt: But not just any werewolf
Wynter: You're the Great Alpha! The leader of all werewolves!
Sarah: Say whaaa
Amy: This is ridicoulous!
Silver: I don't feel comfortable right now...
* Eggman would show up *
Eggman: Ok! I'm back being evil!
How do you react to that

* Sonic quickly came *
Sonic: What's wrong * Notices Werewolves* AAAAHH! Is this the problem
Sarah: No only that, but they're saying that I'm their leader
* Calls Tails *
Tails: What's wrong
You: Tails, the werewolves are real, they are right in front of me, and Sarah's their leader somehow
Tails: Wow, did she know that since the beginning
Sarah: Well, sort of
Amy, this is Cray-Cray
Amy: Ikr! I hope they don't break my nails
You: Same!
Willa: Your friends are too girly, y'know that, right
Sarah: Yup, but I just go with the flow...
Sarah, did you know about this
Sarah: Yes, I knew they were real. But no, I didn't know I was the Great Alpha!
* Shadow came *
Shadow: What is i- Oh, werewolves are real... nice...
Sarah: Ok, 1st. I told you they were real in our 1st date, 2nd it's not THAT nice when I'M their leader, ' Edgy Mchedgy '
Shadow: Hmph, Sarcasm much
All werewolves: Please stop this love stuff. Our eyes are bleeding.
See guys, we told you the werewolves were real
Silver: And you guys thought it was an April Fool's!
Sarah: Says the person who says ' Does anyone but you believe your lies '
You: * laughs *

That was it. How come Sarah's their leader... Find out in the next part of Green Hill High! Also, do you guys want me to bring Knuckles, Rouge, or both

Bring Knux in! I wanna see him calling you a wimp, which you are
( Me: WHAT did you just call me, cuz I swear- )
I really don't care who you bring.
( Me: Ok! Even thought I'd rather not bring any, let's just bring Rouge in, and no Knux until Part 3! )
( Me: You got issues, girl. I hate knuckles cuz he calls me a wimp, and Rouge... she's jealous of me, since I'm dating her ex boyfriend. )
Don't bring any. I have abad feeling of them... And never in the series bring them!
( Me: You're a lifesaver :) )
You: lol
I don't want them right now... but you could bring them back in Part 3...
( Me: Ugh, fine... )
Please bring Rouge. I want another white character here
( Me: Ok, but if Rouge starts getting jealous of me, it's gonna be YOUR FAULT! Okie- dokie )
You: Okie- dokie, artie-chokie!