Are you a magical unicorn, a horse with a horn, or just a human?

This tells you if you are magical enough to not be a unicorn outcast. Please don’t let this hurt your feelings because what do I know?

published on March 14, 20187 responses 1

What are your favorite colors?

Pink, purple, GLITTER
Um.. what colors do unicorns like again?
Why aren’t there any other options?!?

How old is your mental age?

Unicorns live forever. Duh.
I think like.. five?

if you could have any magical power what would it be?

To make anything glittery
To fly
To put all of my worries behind me and finally
be able to work

What do you think you’ll get? This is the last one

What I AM
A unicorn.... please be a unicorn
I don’t know... I’m not THAT magical


Is this Ava

Haha, just kidding. What is your opinion on unicorns?

Not to brag but... they are pretty awesome
I love them! Wait, do unicorns like them?
They are cool... but fake.

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