What Type of Dragon Are You? (1)

What Type of Dragon Are You? (1)

Wooh. Haven't made one of these in a while :P But, yeah. The title is pretty self-explanatory.

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Hello Hatchlings, welcome to the Dragon Academy.

Oh, yeah. I'm sooo excited. *rolls eyes*
Hi! I'm so excited to be here!
Oh yes. This will be delightful! ^-^
This is stupid.
(Me: ;-; You a meanie)

So, question one- What would you rather do in your spare time?

Kill witches.
I like to play! And talk with my friends! And
eat, and sleep, and breathe, and live, and hide
in your closet...
(Me: 0_0)
I don't have any spare time. I'm far too busy.
Track down my enemies and tear them apart.

Alright, how well do you cope with difficult, life- threatening situations?

I'm going to ignore you. This is really stupid
and so are you.
(Me: :c )
Those are too scary for me...
Oh I cope very well. I keep a clear head in
those types of situations.
I kill everything. That makes it all better.
(Me: No, actually it doesn't...)

RP Time! :D

No. I'll just keep ignoring you. *puts talons
over ears*
(Me: .n. )
X3 Yesh. Finally.
Why did I even click on this... I hate RP.
(Me: *holds up machine gun* -.- Still hate it?)

A dragon has invaded your territory and threatens your family!

I don't have a family ._.
(Me: HAH! >:D You said you would ignore
Oh, I don't fight. ^-^
Ask them what they want.
Kill! Kill! Death, destruction, kill!

Now that the invader is out of your land, what's next?

-.- You're a retard.
(Me: I really don't care anymore)
Oh, that was scary!
Making sure everyone's alright.
Kill! Death! Die!
(Me: Omg shut up >:| )

Favorite food?

(Me: ...I'm not even going to ask...)
Candy canes, hot chocolate, cake, soup. ^-^
Blood and souls >:D
(Me: o.O)

What's your favorite thing in the whole world? ^-^

(Me: :D omg really?)
(Me: ;-; )
Death and destruction!
(Me: I think you've made yourself clear)

What's your favorite animal c:

You're a fake! :[ You're just putting random
All animals!
Reindeer and rabbits!
Wolves! >:D

What do you look for in a mate?

I hate everything.
(Me: :/ What's your problem)
Happiness and happiness and happiness! :D
(Me: ._. You are so weird)
Happiness and loyalty.

Almost over!

Thank God.
(Me: :[ )
(Me: ;-; )
Aw, but this is fun.
(Me: I like you :D )
(Me: Does your vocabulary only consist of
death, destruction, and kill?)

What do you think you got?

I don't know and I don't care.
Whatever I wanted! :D
Whatever I am truly u.u
Death and destruction!
(Me: *facepalm* )